10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Look Older

If the use of a thing is not known, most times, abuse becomes a regular occurrence. As amazing and beautiful as makeup could be, there are some certain makeup hacks and tips every lady should know that must be mastered, if not, mistakes would be the order of the day.

Brings me to the question, Can your makeup make you look older? Definitely. You wonder how? keep reading.

Nobody wants to look older than their actual age after applying makeup, as a matter of fact, makeup is supposed to enhance your beautiful features, make you look younger even. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case sometimes and it’s not always intentional.

You just might be making certain mistakes in the application and on the other hand, you may be well vast in makeup application, you might have mastered a particular technique to ‘beat’ your face and still be looking older than you actually are after applying your makeup. This is because, as we age, we change and often times it comes with the need to change things here and there in your makeup routine.

One of the reasons for my blog is to come through for my ‘sisters’ as often as I can, in light of this, I’ll be sharing in this post, some mistakes you might be making, mistakes to avoid, and if avoided you would look youthful and amazing, something like a “vampire”, lol.

10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Look Older

1. Making use of too much lower lid eyeliner

There are certain kinds(color variation) of eyeliner that if used, in excess and not in the right way, can make you look older than you actually are, too much dark eyeliner to your lower lid, would make you look older. So the best hack or tip, to reduce this effect is to use a very light makeup pencil, to reduce the dark variation. Here’s a quick guide on how to apply your eyeliner the right way.

2. Using too much concealer

Some people would love to cover their pimples, acne, breakouts, etc. But in a bid, to do this, some overuse concealers and thereby leaving, a not so even tone on their face. For example, if you use too much, you might actually end up highlighting wrinkles, acne, and breakouts. So the useful tip is to use fluid concealers, they are handier and do the work perfectly. Applying too much of concealer can also make your makeup cakey, just in case you struggle with that,  here’s how to fix cakey makeup.

3. Shading your lip liner

Lip liners are an essential component of your make up kit, they bring life to the lips. So when doing the final beat to your lips, make sure you shade appropriately, basically shade in the direction of the center of the lips, that way you are not overdrawing the lips, but rather, making it defined and yes very sexy.

4. Overusing mascara

Making use of mascara to touch up important parts of your face, like the lower lashes, can help give more details to your look, and give a little pop to your stare. But when applying mascara make sure you do not make use of too much mascara on your lower lashes, cause it would definitely bring a ripple effect, by over highlighting the wrinkles and possible acne around that area or give off an old look.

5. Applying dark and intense colors on your cheeks

Rather than making use of extremely dark or bright tones as ‘rouge’ to your cheeks, its better to make use of lighter tones, that give a better chick look. We understand how fashion trends, reinvent and change, the use of dark shades as definitely with time, been substituted for lighter tones.

6. Too much foundation

Most make up lovers and enthusiasts, at some point had a bit of frustration and confusion, when it came to getting around the right foundation for your skin type, the right shade and the proper amount to be applied. It has to be clearly known that, Foundation isn’t meant to be worn like a face cream; it’s there to act as an ‘eraser’, covering up flaws. If you do need to cover something near the jawline, ensure you blend the foundation into your neck properly. Guess what, applying too much foundation is also major reason why your foundation gets cakey.

7. Long lashes

Lashes are meant to be seen from up close, not from across the street or room, lol. Making your lashes longer or of more thickness, would only make them look more dramatic, but the issue with this is that there is a possibility of little crumps of mascara to get embedded in them, which you won’t like, cause the end product would definitely make you look older. Too much product also makes your lashes heavy and your eyes will begin to droop.
For lashes that pop, know how to use eyelash curler the right way and curl them first with a good eyelash curler, then apply a coat of mascara, using the brush to break up clumps. If that doesn’t do the trick, careful use of a pin to separate lashes would definitely help.

8. Blush streaks and circles

Blush should be applied underneath the cheekbone to make it stand out. Apply it along the cheekbone and make sure that you blend it upwards towards the apple of your cheek and outwards towards the hairline so that you don’t have a pink line across your face.

9. Stained teeth

There are actually health benefits of wearing lipsticks so if a good thing if you’re wearing one, however, if you are planning to rock a dark lipstick all day and you are also feeling a bit dehydrated, take note that, the more you lick your lips or the drier they become, the more likely your lippy will transfer to your teeth. There is actually, nothing more distracting than having a conversation with someone with red all over their teeth, you can avoid this by blotting lipstick once, then making an ‘O’ with your lips after lipstick application, and sticking your middle finger in the ‘O’ to wipe off any lippy that may be on the ‘inside’ of your lips.

Stained teeth shouldn’t be a mistake one should have, cause it can be a bit embarrassing.

10. Always fill your brows

One mistake that’s commonly done easily, maybe due to laziness, is neglecting your brows, make sure you get your brows filled in and carved well at all times. To give that young look.

All the above, are very common mistakes that can be avoided, so next time you want to get that beautiful face beat, make sure you avoid these errors and apply the solutions instead, so you can always have the chick glow and look.

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I will see you in the next post with a new topic from the world of makeup! Until then, take care.

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