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I Got My First Google Adsense Payment As A Blogger

first adsense blogger payment

Look what I got in my mail today; it’s my first payment from blogging. Tell you what, It is very possible to make money blogging in 2019! In a previous video you should check out if you haven’t, I talked about my experience as a blogger and gave very vital tips on how to start […]


My ‘Handpicked’ Best Movies And Series To Watch On Netflix In 2019

Looking for the best movie to watch on Netflix can be a daunting challenge. No doubt, we’ve all been there. Maybe you have decided to watch something now that you’re free. You have the whole of Netflix at your disposal, including a big bucket of popcorn and a bae to ‘Netflix and chill’ with. But […]


Talking Of Big Brother Naija 2019 – Here Are My 7 Personal Beliefs You Can’t Afford To Ignore

I’m here, getting things done, as the day moves forward in this continuous sequence of checklists, actions, and respites. At random moments of my routine, I’d pause and take a look at my TV, the scenes of the new reality show and the blur of these all-too-familiar housemates. Big Brother Nigeria 2019 has begun and […]


13 Types Of Exes – Which One Is Yours / Which One Are You?

What’s popping people!!!!! How are y’all doing?. Today my gist cap is on and from the topic, you know what we’re here for. EXes!!!! Yes! No doubt some of you reading this would have a story or must have heard a story about Exes. Before finally settling down with your ‘life partner’, it’s pretty normal […]


Quick Gist – How I Got Scammed By A ‘Waiter’ At Funnybone Untamed Comedy Show 😪😢 😭

It’s Gist Time 💃… Gather around everyone, lol, I have come with another gist! A few weeks back, I wrote about how I almost got scammed by a ‘yahoo’ girl, little did I know that the real scam was waiting for me,  looking at me like… The Great Day 😌… Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I […]


10 Things I Wish I could Tell My Younger Self

Hindsight is 20/20, that’s a saying that can’t be truer. Some times I find myself wishing I could travel back to my younger self and tell her some things about life, how to live, what things are true and what aren’t, I would break some assumptions and unhealthy presumptions she had. Now I know that’s […]


Start Your Week With This Message From TY Bello – You Will Not Regret It!

Well, I guess you already know I can’t get enough of  TY Bello’s simple yet insightful messages about God and life. Her message on ‘Going with your gut’, has blessed me this morning and I thought to share. Watch below


Quick Story – How I Almost Got Scammed By A ‘Yahoo Girl’ 😂 😂

scam customer

Gist time! Guys, I have a sweet gist to share! I need everyone to gather around me now and maintain decorum. If you make any noise, I’ll send you out of my gist class. So, on this fateful Saturday afternoon, a customer sent me a message from Instagram concerning one of the products I sell. […]


Loving Makeup Is Not A Sign Of Insecurity!

Insecure? me? Hell no!. A few weeks back I found myself in a conversation with some people about ladies and their love for makeup. I listened quietly, enjoying the conversation until someone decided to find trouble and said: ” You do a lot of makeup just because you’re insecure”.  All hell was let loose, I […]


Why I Love Being A Makeup Artist

Why I Love Being A Makeup Artiste

So, I’m out here enjoying the cool breeze that blows across my balcony, after the hostile heat pushed me out of my room. I was just about to doze off when an Instagram comment notification brought me back to life. The comment read “do you love being a makeup artist?”.   This stimulated my consciousness and […]