Meet Mimie


Let’s start with an introduction, shall we?


Some call me Mimie, some call me Mimie Jay, some call me Jay, my grandma calls me Ayoka :), and my mum calls me Omowunmi, which is my birth name. For convenience, just call me Mimie.


Anyhoos, welcome to my world; I’m thrilled to have you here!


This website is my little space on the internet where I share my passions, experiences, and musings on a wide range of topics in writing..obviously.


I am trying to live my life to the fullest in every way possible, and as I go through this incredible journey of self-exploration, growth, creativity, celebrating simple joys, pondering deeper questions, and savouring the richness of life… I invite you to join me 🙂


MIMIE's Blog

I started this blog as an outlet, an extension of my journal, with the hope that some experiences, lessons, and the beauty I discover in the world can inspire and resonate with some of you (especially you reading this) or, at the very least I am able to influence you to buy loads of perfumes and indulge in a lil retail therapy.


Lets Get Personal!

  • I am the second of four children. I have three ‘stubborn’ brothers.
  • I attended OAU and studied Agricultural Economics at the University. I’m yet to see how those days on a farm have benefitted me IRL.
  • I used to be a makeup artist. YES.. me and every other girl in 2016.
  • I am a gym rat. I derive joy in the pain.. well, and the gains.
  • I google everything, literally ‘cos I’m usually curious about the tiniest things, and I am always open to learning. Almost everything I know, I learned from watching videos, reading about it and practising.
  • When I start a sentence with ‘DO YOU KNOW THAT’… you need to decide to either pick a chair or run for your dear life because I WON’T stop talking about that topic I know a lot about. haha!
  • I am a mom to two beautiful dogs – Cash and Penny. 
  • I am married to the best man in the whole world…sorry singles.
  • I manage operations at a fintech company…beauty and brains, yunno 😉
  • We’ve come to the end of the not-so-little details about me.  What do you think? Cool or nah?I meaaannn, you read all the way here, so I must be cool.  And if your answer is anything other than ‘cool’, I’m judging you. Yes, I am. JK!!!!!!