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Neutrogena Skinclearing Foundation Review | Drugstore Foundation With Skincare Benefit

Neutrogena Skinclearing Foundation Review

Usually, it’s a bliss when a product you get for one purpose happens to be multipurpose. Take for example a sunscreen you buy that can work as a makeup primer, how cool! Makeup is used by lots of people to cover up skin problem and blemishes, now, imagine a foundation that not only helps to […]


Best Sunscreens For Dark Skin | Dermatologist Recommended

best sunscreens for face

The sun is warm, pretty (even if we can’t look straight at it) and is the most amazing filter for the best photos. So much good, yet, nothing ever has advantages without a few disadvantages. The sun, when it Is harsh, emits UV rays that are dangerous for our skin. But there is literally sun […]