About Me


I am Omowunmi ‘Mimie’ Idowu. A Nigerian based in Lagos state, Nigeria.

Simply put, I went from being a directionless university graduate hoping for a better life in the corporate (9-5) world to being a boss. I used to be one who believed in getting a degree and getting a job afterwards but I had no real fulfilment, I felt like I needed an escape. So, I woke up one day, looked into the mirror and said “mirror mirror on the wall, show me who I am); now I’m a serial entrepreneur, a makeup artist (and a good one at that *winks*), I write great SEO articles, I’m a YouTuber and obviously a BLOGGER!

Let’s get real here, I never saw myself as a blogger or any of those I mentioned up there.  I’ve always been one to have conversations with myself, in my head. I write almost every one of these conversations down but for the longest time, I pushed aside the thought of owning a blog, I constantly told myself ‘i’m not a writer” (can you imagine that?). But I’m here now, I’m so glad to be here and I promise, you’ll be glad too.

Music, art, movies, youtube and Google are a few of my favourite things. I google everything, literally ‘cos I’m usually curious about the tiniest things and I am always open to learning. Almost everything I know, I learnt from watching videos, reading about it and practising.  I’m an introvert in person but in my online world, I’m full time extroverted.

This blog is one of my online ‘offices’ and through it, I hope to connect with you, make friends, share with you everything I know from makeup to fashion, faith, lifestyle.. we’d live this life together.

I’ve come to the end of the not so little details about me.  What do you think? Cool or nah?

I meaaannn you read all the way here, I must be cool.  

If your answer is anything different from ‘cool’, I’m judging you. Yes, I am. JK!!!!!!