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Full Face Makeup Tutorial Using FENTY BEAUTY Makeup Products

Full Face Makeup Tutorial Using FENTY BEAUTY Makeup Products

It’s been a long time since I last did a makeup tutorial video on my channel and so today’s video is a comeback. I did this beautiful makeup look using Fenty Beauty products By Rihanna’s Makeup brand and I have to say “every single one of these products lived up to the hype”. Rihanna really […]


Being A Makeup Artist In Nigeria In 2020


As a creative, you have searched for various ways to express your creativity and create beauty at the same time, and you may be considering makeup artistry as your path. Having certain bigshot celebrity makeup artists as mentors further motivate you, but you are unsure if this is actually for you. The makeup industry in […]


The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

korean skincare routine picture

The Korean skincare routine has become a popular favourite outside Seoul. It is more than just a skincare routine, it is a lifestyle that has taken to the global stage, grounded in the Korean culture, and improved by scientific advancement. This routine goes beyond just having more beauty products, it is about having the right […]


7 Golden Skincare Tips For Dry Skin Types

skin care tips black skin

Dry skin, the sometimes patchy, lacklustre skin type. Caring for your dry skin can sometimes be a daunting task, and getting the right products and the perfect skincare routine that works for you might seem like mission impossible. It really does not have to be that way because finding the right balance to manage this […]


You Might Want To Stop Using Makeup Sponge To Apply Foundation

makeup sponge featured image

It’s no longer news that the secret to a flawless makeup relies on the tools and techniques. While most makeup experts swear by the efficiency of beauty sponges, no one takes the care to also put out the disadvantages of makeup sponges especially when applying foundation. The beauty sponge is no longer a new tool […]


Emerald Holiday Makeup Tutorial – Christmas Inspired Makeup (Video Tutorial)

christmas makeup look

Christmas is around the corner, and if you’re ready for the Christmas Holiday Season then you’ll definitely be ready for this Emerald Holiday Makeup Tutorial. In this video, I did a Christmas inspired makeup look. I showed you how to do a green and white makeup look suitable for women of colour and many other […]


Where To Buy African Foods In Dubai – Nigerian Foodstuff And Groceries Shopping In Dubai

Picture of buy african food dubai

Getting African or rather Nigerian food materials in Dubai is not so easy. It is, actually, but the information is not so out there because it took me a while before I was able to figure it out. After a few weeks of literally eating junk food in Dubai, I finally found a market to […]


Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial On Dark Skin | Beginner Friendly

Easy Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial On Dark Skin

‘How to do a smokey eye makeup’ is one of the most searched makeup tutorials, hence in this video, I did a simple and easy smokey eye tutorial for dark-skinned women (brown eyes or not). I had fun creating this and I love the outcome. Watch and let me know what you think. MAKEUP PRODUCTS […]


Simple Date Night Makeup Tutorial Video

date night makeup

Going for a date night and don’t know the best makeup manipulation for such an event? Watch me transform from 0- 100 (well, not actually zero but you get, lol) in this video as I got ready for my date night. I also showed you my favourite red lipstick for women of colour and a […]


Eyebrow Tutorial Video – How To Draw Natural Eyebrows Using Cheap ‘Davis’ Pencil

So I listened to a few people’s requests for a brows tutorial using the cheap, less than one dollar ‘Davis’ brow pencil and here we have it, a step by step tutorial on how to draw eyebrows perfectly. This pencil is not the best, notwithstanding, you can still get the job done with it! If […]