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Where To Buy African Foods In Dubai – Nigerian Foodstuff And Groceries Shopping In Dubai

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Getting African or rather Nigerian food materials in Dubai is not so easy. It is, actually, but the information is not so out there because it took me a while before I was able to figure it out. After a few weeks of literally eating junk food in Dubai, I finally found a market to […]


10 Career Options For Makeup Artists

Once in awhile, it might feel like there’s not much you can do with the skill of makeup. You might think you’re doomed to a life of simply being that one person that your friends and/or neighborhood call on whenever they need to up their glow. However, I bring the gospel. You’re not doomed to […]


Most Expensive Beauty Products In The World

The multi-billion dollar beauty industry is here to stay; the way people spend on beauty products flamboyantly, confirms this claim. It is hard to believe that the economic crises is not even affecting some people, actually, maybe not that hard to believe because people actually really do buy these most expensive beauty products in the world. […]


Top Ten Restaurants In Lagos That Allow Camera

Food can be orgasmic, it can turn a messy or bad day around and it can also make a good day go bad. It basically hinges on whether the meal is amazing and thrilling to your mouth or if it’s just bland and bad. The city of Lagos boasts of splendor and beautiful spots, and […]


Weekend Getaway At Lakowe Lakes Golf & Country Estate, Lagos

Seems like visiting beautiful homes and having vacations and staycations might be my latest favourite thing to do. The other time I shared my experience on how I booked my Dubai apartment on Airbnb and I also did a full house tour which was very interesting. Anyway, guys, I’m back in Lagos, Nigeria now, (I […]


5 Beautiful Facts I Learned From My Visit To Burj Khalifa, Dubai

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I’ve spent the past weeks having a whale of time in Dubai. I’ve visited some of the most prominent tourist attractions in Dubai, tasted their strange meals and took a driving ‘stroll’ while observing their traffic rules. But standing on the observation deck of the Burj Khalifa was also on my bucket list. Like I […]


How I Got My International Driver’s License In Dubai

How I Got My International Driver's License In Dubai

Hey people, I successfully got my International driver’s license also called International driving permit which means now I’m able to drive a car around during my stay here. If you follow me on my Instagram and Youtube, you’ll know I’m presently in Dubai presently. I previously wrote an article on how I got my apartment on […]


How I Booked An Apartment On Airbnb – My 5 Take-Home Points

Travelling abroad is cute, but you know what’s not cute, having difficulty with accommodation when you travel. Good thing, there are lots of companies that help make apartment search easy. So I had to look for an apartment like some few days ago, and I used Airbnb, which I’ll be talking about today as I […]


13 Types Of Exes – Which One Is Yours / Which One Are You?

What’s popping people!!!!! How are y’all doing?. Today my gist cap is on and from the topic, you know what we’re here for. EXes!!!! Yes! No doubt some of you reading this would have a story or must have heard a story about Exes. Before finally settling down with your ‘life partner’, it’s pretty normal […]


My Skincare Journey: “The Ordinary” Skincare Products

Hey there, welcome back to my blog! Today, I would be starting a journey and I would love you to come on this journey with me. I am a skincare addict if you don’t already know that, I love reading and doing research about skin care products, and some times I literally make myself a […]