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10 Things I Can’t Live Without | Mimie Jay

April 11, 2021

You know how there are some items you constantly have with you, no matter where you are and what you’re doing. Yeah, those items you just can’t imagine not having. We all have those things we can’t do without, that either helps us with our productivity, improve our lifestyle, and help us get by with our daily activities.

Well, I have a little list of things I can’t definitely live without. These things help me get my work and other activities are done for the day. I can’t really imagine how life would be like without some of these items. Probably boring and unproductive, but as human beings, we are wired to adapt. Even at that, I’ll still be very hard given we are all used to having these things around constantly.

The present situation of things around the world has made us even more attached to some of these things, needing and depending on them to get our work done and bring productivity to our lives. Well, enough of the talk, let’s get into the list of the 10 things I can’t live without. 

1. Phone 

I have tried staying a whole 24 hours without being connected to the internet, and oh boy was it tough. Not having my phone at all would be another level of intense boredom. I might end up losing my mind because what would I be doing with myself? Not being able to connect to friends, family, and even followers to get updates on what is happening around the world would most certainly be tough. Most of my activities for the day revolve around my phone as I get to keep up with plans, activities, and the people around me.

I’m sure most of us can’t actually do without our phones. I mean, almost everything we do now is based online, so it makes us pretty dependent on these little devices.

2. Laptop 

I majorly work from home right, and I need to be productive while working from home. First of all, without my laptop, it means I’m not gonna be able to do any work that day. My laptop is the most important thing for me. It is the hub for all my work, and yes, sometimes my movies as well. Basically, if I don’t have my laptop I won’t be able to get some important things done like editing videos for my YouTube channel, publishing blog posts, and basically getting a lot of things done. What would I do without my precious laptop? Not much, that’s for sure.

Honestly, there are certain tasks you just can perform on your phone or tablet, but only on the laptop or maybe desktop. Laptops are portable, come in different sizes, and have a higher capacity than your phone or tablet. They were built to help you have your work and other activities on the go, and it’s certainly one of the best inventions ever made. 

3. Planner 

I start my day with my planner, either a digital planner or a physical one. To be more effective, productive, and ensure I get a lot of things done for the day, I write out my activities for that day in my planner. Literally a lifesaver, the planner just helps me put my activities in perspective for the day. Trust me, you can get overwhelmed with activities, lose track of time, or even forget certain important tasks for the day if you don’t write them down.

Ever since I started using a planner, I have been able to keep up and stay on track with most of my activities for each day. It’s one of the essential things and one of the first steps to answer your questions on how to live a productive life. Whether you choose to use a digital or a physical planner, depending on which is convenient for you, the bottom line is to have your daily activities planned and written out.

4. Lip gloss or Lip Balm

A lip gloss is a must-have at all times, whether you’re out and about or just enjoying a day indoors. A lip gloss or lip balm is one of the beauty items I always have in my bag. If you know me or you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos or posts on Instagram, you know I love glossy lips. While matte lipsticks rock, a lip gloss comes in handy, especially when the weather is a tad bit dry. For me, almost every lip look has to be topped off with some lip gloss.

And as always, my favourite remains, Fenty beauty lip gloss in the shade ‘fussy’ and Fenty beauty lip balm ‘Hint Hint’

5. Perfume 

If you know me you know I am crazy about perfumes. Everyone loves someone who smells nice, really! I have quite a few scents that I love and I have listed a few of my favourite perfumes. I always have a signature scent on, but I also love to mix it up a bit. You shouldn’t just look good, you should also smell nice as well. Having a good scent does a lot for you like giving you that confidence boost. You will always find a mini-sized perfume in my bag, all day, every day. 

6. Scented candles 

Scented candles are one of my favourite things, and as you can tell by now I am a sucker for lovely scents and fragrances. Aromatherapy is one of the most relaxing things you can do for your body and mind and there are so many benefits to practising Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy can be practised in several ways such as using scented candles, essential oils, and diffusers.

When I feel stressed or I want to have that little me time, I light a scented candle and enjoy the moment. It is quite refreshing to fill the air with a nice soothing scent.

7. Coffee 

It’s most definitely confirmed that I can’t live without coffee. If you watch my Instagram stories, you know that I always have to get my morning coffee. The day sort of feels incomplete or like it hasn’t fully begun if I don’t get my daily dose of coffee. My love for coffee can’t really be matched or quantified though and there are certain benefits to drinking coffee, so it’s a win-win for me. I switch it up between decaf and like to try out some other types of coffee.

8. Skincare products 

One of the things I can’t do without is my skincare products. I have my skincare products with me everywhere I travel to, even if it’s just for as short as 24 hours. There is no compromise on skincare products as I believe everyone should have even the basics when it comes to skincare products. There are certain products I can’t do without, and I would know cause I went a few days without them and I could already feel the difference. It is important to say that buying the right skincare products also matters. So, carefully select the right kind of products based on the ingredients and your skin’s needs.

9. Glasses/Contact Lenses 

How To Do Your Makeup If You Wear Glasses

If you follow me on any of the social media platforms, you will already know that I don’t have 20’20 vision just yet. I have been using glasses for as long as I can remember now, and these are certainly part of the things I can’t live without- cause how would I see, lol.

I tried getting LASIK surgery once which didn’t go exactly as planned, but it is something I hope to have done soon or in the nearest future. Growing up I switched it up from my regular glasses and got some contact lenses which is what I have on most days. I still have my regular glasses, but for most outings, I use my contact lenses. 

10. Share Yours With Me

I couldn’t fit in anything here, however, I asked on my youTube channel for you, my friends, to share with me 5 things you can’t do without. I got really nice responses and I’ll love you reading this to share yours with me as well.