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Rape, Racism, Police Brutality – How To Stay Positive During This Overwhelming Period

Headline after headline, trend after trend, hashtag after hashtag. The events of the past 14 days have been really overwhelming for me. It’s bad enough that we all have to be indoors or have our movement restricted because there is a virus out there. Unfortunately, social media which was supposed to be our safe space […]


10 Things I Wish I could Tell My Younger Self

Hindsight is 20/20, that’s a saying that can’t be truer. Some times I find myself wishing I could travel back to my younger self and tell her some things about life, how to live, what things are true and what aren’t, I would break some assumptions and unhealthy presumptions she had. Now I know that’s […]


Start Your Week With This Message From TY Bello – You Will Not Regret It!

Well, I guess you already know I can’t get enough of  TY Bello’s simple yet insightful messages about God and life. Her message on ‘Going with your gut’, has blessed me this morning and I thought to share. Watch below