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10 Things I Wish I could Tell My Younger Self

June 12, 2019

Hindsight is 20/20, that’s a saying that can’t be truer. Some times I find myself wishing I could travel back to my younger self and tell her some things about life, how to live, what things are true and what aren’t, I would break some assumptions and unhealthy presumptions she had.

Now I know that’s so not possible, I can’t go back in time but I can reflect on them and the lessons they taught me.

Now to the question ‘what would you tell your younger self?’ I asked this on my Instagram story and on Twitter, I got so many responses and I’ll be sharing them here in addition to mine, hoping it resonates with someone reading this and help as you journey in life.

10 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Younger Self:

  1. Staying unhappy is never worth it, it does more harm than good.
  2. Life is ‘life’. Full of good and bad. Do not expect it to be good all the time. There would be bad times, but it doesn’t last forever.
  3. Accept yourself the way you are; full of flaws, yet beautiful. God knew you before you were formed, He made you this way, make the most of it.
  4. Try not to be so gullible. Trust people but leave room for ‘cross-checking’. Even the bible says “test all spirits…”
  5. Whatever you feel now, you aren’t alone, someone somewhere has felt what you’re feeling or is feeling the same way. Be strong, you’ll get through it.
  6. You’ve done well! Well done. I spent too much time criticising myself even when I deserved some credit. I wish I could tell that girl ‘well done’ when she did so well in class instead of saying ‘so what, others can do it too’.
  7. Change is constant, things wouldn’t remain as they are. People will change, things will change, ‘You’ will change.
  8. Learn to distinguish between good and bad advice. People are entitled to their opinion, you don’t have to take it seriously.
  9. Speak up for yourself and what is important to you. Although it not an easy thing to do, it’s very empowering.
  10. The church is made up of human beings with a lot of shortcomings. Be true to yourself and GOD. Do not expect perfection from anyone and if they do disappoint you, it should not take you by surprise.


    Below are some of the responses I got from my Instagram story and Twitter replies:



Like I said earlier, it’s a frustrating impossibility to go back an tell our younger selves these things, but we can reflect on the lessons we learnt and make good use of them as we journey through life.

Get to know me now, I turned out pretty good.

You can also share things you wish you could tell your younger self in the comment section. I’ll gladly read and respond.


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