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How To Choose The Right Wig Color That Suits Your Skin Tone

June 11, 2019

Having a great wig is good, but choosing a wig with a suitable colour is better. As a wig enthusiast (or I rather say ‘wig lover’), no thanks to my retarded hairline. I’ve worn wig more than 50% of my lifetime ( I  mean since I started paying attention to my hair). In the course of this, I’ve had a good rummage of wigs and some of its manipulations. So on here, I am giving you tips on how to choose the right wig colour that will suit your skin tone.

These tips will make your wig shopping absolutely stress free.

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What Does The Perfect Wig Color Do To You?

It’s pretty simple. It complements and accentuates your face.

It starts with knowing and understanding your skin tone. Is it warm, cool or even dark? Answering this question is very important.

It’s not surprising that some people don’t know their skin tone. There are some tests you can try here to know your skin tone.

To choose the best wig colour, choose a wig that’s close to the colour of your natural hair. This saves you the extra cost of having to dye your wig at the hairdresser and prevents you from worrying if the dye will come out when you’re wearing the wig. This assurance will basically spike your confidence level.


For Ladies With Warm Skin Tones

First off, here’s how you know if you have a warm skin tone: when your face is bare, wrap a white towel around your head and check the visible undertones. If your undertones are yellow and the visible veins are slightly green, you have a warm complexion.

The best wigs for people with warm skin tones are golden brown, chestnut, dark brown, rich brown or any of these colours with red or gold highlights.


For Ladies With Darker Skin Tones

To know if this is your skin tone, you do the same procedure as the warm tone ladies: wrap a white towel on your head when your face is bare, but you watch out for different things. If your undertones are blue and you can see that your wrists are slightly blue too, you have a cool skin tone.

The wigs that are perfect for you will be brown, blonde, black with ash, honey or taupe highlights. Accentuating your look with gold, silver or ivory jewellery accompanied with tan, white or black clothing will make you look amazing!


When Age Is Not On Your Side

It’s not news that as you get older your skin tone pales and can actually switch to the opposite side due to the effects of ageing. The good news though, is that there are wigs that will make you enjoy every stage of life you get to and still make you look beautiful.

The secret to getting a wig that makes you look younger than you are is choosing one that is a bit lighter than your skin tone. It brightens your appearance and makes you look younger. You can even try a white wig if you want.


The Relationship Between Your Eyes And Hair

One factor people rarely consider but which is equally as important when choosing wig colour is their eye colour!

If you have hazel, green, light blue or golden brown eyes, wigs that are chestnut, golden brown, dark or auburn with red highlights are perfect for you.

If your eyes are dark hazel, deep blue, dark brown or blue-grey, ladies wigs in black, brown or blonde tones are the best choices for you.


Lastly, Does The New Appeal To You?

If you’re adventurous and you want to choose a wig colour that is shades darker than your natural hair colour, it’s advisable that you introduce that new colour slowly into your wig.

A lot of other factors are also considered when choosing wig colour such as health AND personality. These things can affect your skin tone and should be a factor to consider when deciding what wig colour to choose.

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