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How To Choose The Right Wig Color That Suits Your Skin Tone

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Having a great wig is good, but choosing a wig with a suitable colour is better. As a wig enthusiast (or I rather say ‘wig lover’), no thanks to my retarded hairline. I’ve worn wig more than 50% of my lifetime ( I  mean since I started paying attention to my hair). In the course […]


How To Wash Human Hair Wig Without Damaging It

How to wash human hair wigs

After the hurdles of selecting and buying the type of human hair wig you want, there is a need to wash and maintain the hair so as to retain its beauty and make it last longer. In this guide, i&ll explain a few procedures to follow in ensuring that the human wig is properly maintained. […]


Top 9 Wig Brands In The World As At May 2019

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Anytime, any day, wigs always win. You just must love their look, feel and of course, their convenience. Can you imagine the goodness of waking up and grabbing on a wig that just sits pretty on your head without even stressing it? This is one reason I believe wigs always win. They just always come […]