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Top 9 Wig Brands In The World As At May 2019

May 19, 2019

Anytime, any day, wigs always win. You just must love their look, feel and of course, their convenience. Can you imagine the goodness of waking up and grabbing on a wig that just sits pretty on your head without even stressing it? This is one reason I believe wigs always win. They just always come at some points when you have no idea what to do with your hair.

To be honest, I really cannot remember the last time I worried about any hairstyle and it is all thanks to my collection of wigs that have made my life stressless. Now that wigs have become a go-to for women, it is very vital that you have to step up your game to blend in the trend.

There are different types of wigs, ranging from lace front wigs, monofilament bases wigs, machine weft wigs, hand-tied wigs, natural hair wigs e.t.c. All designed to cater for our peculiarities and taste. I’m so engrossed in wigs and I’d like to talk about the best wig brands in the whole world, based on my research.

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Disclaimer: This list is not personal but strictly based on research and conclusion derived from various factors like reviews, number of years in business e.t.c

Best Wig Brands 2019

Monday through Friday, you want to wear something just simple, then help yourself to a wig. Believe you me, the wig itself has made a statement for you – a hip one. Wigs always bring out your personality. They are not just wigs, they go an extra mile in defining you and speaking much about you in loud volumes. Let’s meet the best wig brands in the world.


  • Amore Wigs:

    Born out of passion and love, they steadily make wigs that match our individual styles. From curly, short and long wigs to a blend of colours that allows us to express ourselves better. Amore features monofilament wigs which are made by using really comfortable and soft caps for you.

    One thing that made me fall in love helplessly with this brand is their love for ladies convenience and confidence. If you are just like me who loves the natural look, you can be sure Amore had you while mapping out a blueprint. Their hand-tied monofilament lace front collection will give you just the look you want. The price of these wigs starts from $75.0 to almost $1000.


  • Raquel Welch:

    Raquel Welch is one of the leading wig brands in the world and it is well deserved. Raquel Welch brings aesthetics into wigging as there is always a great innovation in wig colouring, construction and appearance. With this brand, there is always a rich variety of styles and colours. Some of the amazing collections include Love, love, love, Brave the wave, Downtime, Go for it, Infatuation elite and so many more. They are available in the market from $25-$100.


  • Revlon:

    Revlon happens to be one top-notch wig brand in the world. One that associates itself with quality and affordability. The company has produced a variety of hair products from lace front wigs to full wigs. The brand’s devotedness to style and elegance are the bedrock for the development of its ultrafine monofilament fabric that suits everyone’s skin tone. Revlon also offers volume, curls, texture and length to your day. The price of their wigs ranges from $75-$155. You really should have a Revlon in your life.


  • Forever Young:

    Forever Young is a popular wig brand with a truckload of hip styles to select from. Not only are their wigs best for a variety of situations, but they also offer great affordable value. This brand features some of the fashionable and trending style wigs which are available in all short, medium and long length. Their wigs range from $39.95-$111.95. Everyone deserves to be forever young.


  • Noriko:

    Noriko wigs showcase innovative, ready-to-wear features with airbrush and gradient colour tines. The multi-toned colour technology and innovative artistry, laced with the finest materials to give you just what you want, what you’ve always wanted. Angelica is one of the bestselling wigs by Noriko and the price is $209.9.


  • Ellen Wille:

    For decades now, this brand has been wigging its way to Ellen Wille’s passion for fashion has always been revealed in the way she pays attention to all details in a wig. No detail is overlooked. Her wig styles always seem to be one in a million. From the hair texture to the cap construction to the colour choices. Unique, just unique.  It offers a wide variety of colours such as Campaign mix, Espresso mix, Chocolate Mix, Mocca mix and Sandy Blonde. Her wigs range from $128 to $1424.


  • Jon Renau:

    Jon is famous for his outstanding fashionable colours and innovative wig features for human hair wigs and synthetic wigs. He is the leading designer of fine quality hair products and he delivers the most natural fibre options, fashion-forward styles, most comfortable cap designs and innovative hair solutions. Some of his amazing collections include Julianne, Kristi and Ruby. The price of these wigs range between $108.80 to $897.60.


  • Gabor:

    Gabor is your one-stop-shop for designer styled and totally comfortable wigs that speak confidence into your appearance. Each wig is made with utmost concentration and focus is given to everything that makes a wig, a wig and are made with the finest modacrylic fibers to mimic real, healthy hair. Gabor is well known for elegant, classy, shorter styles. The starting rice for Gabor’s wig is $67.15 and the highest range is $245.65.


  • Envy:

    Seasoned designer, Alan Eaton is the brain behind Envy wigs. With a passion for hair and thirst for ladies satisfaction, Alan has translated his years of partnering with other brands and has birthed the best. This innovative designer is always working towards the best, most natural and comfortable wigs. Some of the best-selling wigs by Alan Eaton are Alyssa, Bobby, Brianna and Tifanny. The prices are between $139.9 to $111.0.


That’s that on the best 9 wig brands in the world, based on my research, as at May 2019. This list is not actually peculiar to Nigerians but there are also nice options for us, you can check them here.