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How To Wash Human Hair Wig Without Damaging It

May 21, 2019

After the hurdles of selecting and buying the type of human hair wig you want, there is a need to wash and maintain the hair so as to retain its beauty and make it last longer. In this guide, i&ll explain a few procedures to follow in ensuring that the human wig is properly maintained.

The following steps are essential in the proper maintenance of your wig;

1. Untangle the wig

During the course of using your human hair wig, tangling could be unavoidable, it is adviced that you first untangle your wig by brushing it through with a wide comb. Shedding could be avoided by brushing first from the bottom and then to the root.

2. Washing

Human hair wig washing is different from the conventional way of washing clothes, under no condition should you twist, gouge or rub your human hair wig. Rather, all you need to do is to mix with shampoo or any other hair cleansing agent and leave to soak in cool water for say 5 minutes.

3. Rinsing

After soaking, rinse the wig thoroughly without leaving any form of shampoo. It is advisable to do this under a flowing tap to allow water flow in the same direction and equal amount through the hair to avoid tangling.

4. Condition

After rinsing, dilute the human hair with a very clean cool water and gently work the fibres and allow to soak for some time.

5. Dry

Gently squeeze out the water and place on an open wig stand to dry naturally.

Maintain these steps whenever you want to wash your wig and without doubt, it’ll last for a longer duration than you ever expect.


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