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5 Beauty Products I Always Have In My Bag (You Should Too)

February 24, 2021

Hi guys, so I’ve been seeing a lot of this post around, talking about 5 must-haves in my bag and I just felt I should do mine, because why not?

In this blog post, I’m going to be telling you guys 5 things that will always be in my bag no matter what. This is to tell you that whenever I go out, I cannot forget these things because they are my “essentials”. Even if I forget myself, I cannot forget them.

Search my bag morning, afternoon and night, these “things” will always be there. Check my bag during winter and summer, you’ll find them there, unshaken and unmoved. As a matter of fact, I don’t even bother to take them out of my bag except I probably want to transfer them into another bag. You get the point, don’t ya? Alright, good. 

Talking about what you should always have in your bag, they should be compact items, meaning they can fit into your bag without taking much space and also items that have multiple uses. I also think the content of your bag says a lot about where you are at that point. When I was in Uni, the contents of my bag used to be my I.D card, a bunch of keys to my apartment, sunglasses, sanitary pad and other things. Now that I’m no longer in Uni, the contents of my bag have changed. Maybe not all. I have a dog now (Cash), so don’t be surprised if you found a dog leash in my bag. lmao. jk guys

Without further delay, let’s jump right into it.

 5 Things I Cannot Leave Home Without

1. A Small Size Perfume

This list is in no particular order but this one tops my list. First of all, I am as a matter of fact, a perfume junkie so this is almost expected to top this list.  I use perfumes before I leave the house, it still doesn’t stop me from taking an extra in my bag. A girl’s gotta smell nice, innit? Right now, the Atelier Cologne Vanilla intensee is always in my handbag. Check out this article I wrote previously on some other perfumes I love and would definitely recommend. 

2. A Hand Lotion

One thing I never want to be caught having is crusty, dry and sad looking hands (and feet) hence the need for this.  The weather in Dubai these past months has been ‘winter’ and my skin has become drier than normal and it can be so uncomfortable. Because of this, you will definitely find a hand lotion in my bag. I currently use the Gucci bloom hand lotion. Apart from its moisturising properties, it has a lovely scent just like the perfume and if you know me, I’m a sucker for nice scents.  

3. A Lip Gloss Or Lip Balm

Cold/Dry weather or not, I never want to have my lips chapped or dry. There’s a sweet feeling that comes with have very supple, soft, delicious looking lips. It’s really important to care for your lips and that means moisturising your lips with a lip balm or lip gloss. Currently, you’d either find the Fenty Beauty Pro Kiss’r Luscious Lip Balm “hint hint” or the Fenty Beauty gloss bomb “fussy” or both in my bag. A chapped lip is an eye-sore, trust me. next time you’re heading out, just take your lip balm with you, instead of licking those lips in public. Plus, don’t forget to apply sunscreen

4. Powder Or Blotting Sheet

Whenever I go out and I know I might be out all day, my powder stays in my bag. I think at least 80% of ladies have their powder in their bag, which is good. I always feel the need to reapply our powder due to excess grease on the face.  A good alternative is a blotting sheet. This is for setting my make-up on the go. Blotting sheets aids in the removal of skin oils and sweat without taking your make-up off. They make your make-up feel and look more matte. They are also portable and easy to carry around.

5. Hand Sanitizer

I don’t have to remind us about the importance of carrying a hand sanitiser around, this period. If not for covid, a lot of people might not even be familiar with hand sanitisers. To be fair, I didn’t take it hand sanitisers seriously until this period as well but covid or no covid, when you think of the germs you come into contact with in a day, it’s really important to have a hand sanitiser in your bag.

The list goes on and on. Mints, snacks and what-not. There’s one last thing I never forget to take out and I don’t think anyone should forget too. Guess what it is? Yup! A face mask.

What do you keep in your bag?  Tell me in the comments below.