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How To Save Money While Shopping For Beauty Products As A Nigerian

Tips To Save Some Money While Shopping Online

Shopping online has long since been in existence. I mean, who doesn’t love the idea of shopping at your own comfort? Yeah! Eating Cheetos while your legs are tucked in under your sheets is a wonderful feeling if you ask me. Due to the pandemic, most people have resorted to shopping online. Going on a […]


5 Beauty Products I Always Have In My Bag (You Should Too)

5 Must-Haves In My Bag |

Hi guys, so I’ve been seeing a lot of this post around, talking about 5 must-haves in my bag and I just felt I should do mine, because why not? In this blog post, I’m going to be telling you guys 5 things that will always be in my bag no matter what. This is […]


5 Habits Of People With Great Skin

5 Habits of people with great skin

We all need great skin, the glow that comes with a flawless skin is unmatched. When you have such, everything would look great on you, but great skin doesn’t come cheap, and most times the currency to be paid is consistency and diligence. You don’t necessarily have to spend a tonne on beauty products, but […]


10 Career Options For Makeup Artists

Once in awhile, it might feel like there’s not much you can do with the skill of makeup. You might think you’re doomed to a life of simply being that one person that your friends and/or neighborhood call on whenever they need to up their glow. However, I bring the gospel. You’re not doomed to […]


My ‘Handpicked’ Best Movies And Series To Watch On Netflix In 2019

Looking for the best movie to watch on Netflix can be a daunting challenge. No doubt, we’ve all been there. Maybe you have decided to watch something now that you’re free. You have the whole of Netflix at your disposal, including a big bucket of popcorn and a bae to ‘Netflix and chill’ with. But […]