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5 Habits Of People With Great Skin

5 Habits of people with great skin

We all need great skin, the glow that comes with a flawless skin is unmatched. When you have such, everything would look great on you, but great skin doesn’t come cheap, and most times the currency to be paid is consistency and diligence. You don’t necessarily have to spend a tonne on beauty products, but […]


My ‘Handpicked’ Best Movies And Series To Watch On Netflix In 2019

Looking for the best movie to watch on Netflix can be a daunting challenge. No doubt, we’ve all been there. Maybe you have decided to watch something now that you’re free. You have the whole of Netflix at your disposal, including a big bucket of popcorn and a bae to ‘Netflix and chill’ with. But […]


Quick Story – How I Almost Got Scammed By A ‘Yahoo Girl’ 😂 😂

scam customer

Gist time! Guys, I have a sweet gist to share! I need everyone to gather around me now and maintain decorum. If you make any noise, I’ll send you out of my gist class. So, on this fateful Saturday afternoon, a customer sent me a message from Instagram concerning one of the products I sell. […]


7 Beauty And Skin Care Brands That Will Literally Change Your Life

7 top skincare and beauty brands in Nigeria in 2019.

Skin care is a necessity to have flawless and glowing skin. People who take this seriously are always looking for the next best product that will give them a glowing, smooth, angelic and altogether flawless skin. And if you’re a naturalist like me, you’d always be on the hunt for brands who use 100% natural […]


Why I Love Being A Makeup Artist

Why I Love Being A Makeup Artiste

So, I’m out here enjoying the cool breeze that blows across my balcony, after the hostile heat pushed me out of my room. I was just about to doze off when an Instagram comment notification brought me back to life. The comment read “do you love being a makeup artist?”.   This stimulated my consciousness and […]


Let’s Talk About False Rape Accusations And The Unanswered Questions

rape accusation

Sitting on my bed this morning, I got thinking about false rape allegations ( actually, the thought was triggered by something I recently saw on twitter). We’re not going to undermine how bad and traumatizing rape is, but then, are some ladies taking it too far? Is there a different definition of what rape is […]


Why Should I Use Lipsticks: Health Benefits Of Wearing Lipsticks

health benefits of lipstick

Really, what is the purpose of lipstick? Are there any perks to or health benefits of wearing a lipstick?  Relax and enjoy this post as it answers questions you might have found yourself asking or have been asked about lipsticks.  Lipstick is an essential part of makeup. Sometimes it doesn’t even need to be a […]


Get To Know Me Tag – Answering 22 Fun Questions About Me

Get to know me tag for bloggers

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog, as you may already know (or not, lol) I’m Mimie Jay, Mimie for short. And in this post, I’ll be answering 20 ‘get to know me’ tag questions. Today’s post is gonna be all about me. yes! me, myself and I. Calm downnnn, I’m not being selfish, I’m […]