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5 Habits Of People With Great Skin

January 2, 2020

We all need great skin, the glow that comes with a flawless skin is unmatched. When you have such, everything would look great on you, but great skin doesn’t come cheap, and most times the currency to be paid is consistency and diligence. You don’t necessarily have to spend a tonne on beauty products, but by applying simple tips and doing them consistently, your skin would definitely flourish. 

5 Habits That Will Make Your Skin Look Great

1. Give Yourself Adequate Sleep And Rest (at least 6-7 hours)

Beauty sleep is real; Unless you have a team of makeup artists waiting in your bathroom every morning, it’s hard to look gorgeous and youthful when you are missing out on your sleep. If you have ever woken up with dark circles under your eyes, that’s a sign that you are not getting adequate sleep. A 2010 study from researchers in Sweden showed that a group of participants were rated as more attractive after eight hours of shut-eye compared to when they were sleep-deprived.

2. Consistently make use of sunscreen, to protect their skin from being adversely affected by sunlight.

Sunlight is the cause of at least 80 per cent of the signs of visible aging, such as freckling, skin thinning, wrinkles and some facial lines, and can contribute to the development of skin cancer. Protect your skin daily using “broad-spectrum” sunscreens that block both UVB and UVA light. And try to avoid direct sunlight during the hours when UV rays are the strongest (usually between 10 am and 4 pm), and supplement sunscreen with shade, protective clothing and sunglasses. Remember to always reapply sunscreen regularly.

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3. Moisturize Your Skin

5 Habit as of people with great skin
Maintaining the water content of the skin is crucial for healthy skin. Moisturizers slow down water loss through the superficial layers of the skin and strengthen your skin barrier. When the air is dry in the winter, people with great skin know to ramp up their moisturizer use on their entire bodies. Note that moisturizing your skin is just one step in a skincare routine. However, even if you don’t do every other step, do not skip using a moisturizer. 

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4. Wash and Take A Shower Every Night 

how to take care of your skin in december

Sun damage isn’t the only environmental factor you have to worry about, things like, Small micro particles from air pollutants might just hurt your skin, too. Play it safe by remembering to take a minute to cleanse your face to remove yucky debris that could be weakening your skin, as well as to take off makeup once you get home, never sleep with your make upon. Having your bath to get rid of sweat and debris on your skin is also helpful in treating and avoiding bacne (Acne on the body)

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5. Reduce Your Sugar and Dairy Consumption

That daily candy habit isn’t just damaging your waistline; it could be aging your face. Foods with a high glycaemic index (think sugary sweets and white carbs) create an increase in cortisol through a process called “glycosylation,” where sugars bind to collagen and weaken it.

Above all, cleanliness is super important, yes there is a place of hormonal imbalance that affects skin at certain periods in time. But if you regularly maintain good hygiene, chances of unnecessary breakouts would be reduced. So stay consistent, disciplined and clean, and watch your skin flourish.