Which Is Better: Beauty Blender Or Makeup Brush?

Which Is Better: Beauty Blender Or Makeup Brush?

Foundation is practically the base of makeup. It’s like the night sky and every other aspect to the makeup and its application, you can say are the moon and stars. That said, imagine a night sky that isn’t properly dark. A night sky that has patches and comes at different forms of dark for every mile you walk. That’s a terrible thing to imagine, isn’t it? But that’s basically how it is with makeup when the foundation isn’t properly blended on.

Generally, as far as applying makeup is concerned, brushes have always been ‘it’. A little birdie even told me that Kylie Jenner applies a moisturizer with a makeup brush. Brush wins then, right? Well, not exactly. The thing is, reviews – and I mean a lot of them – say that beauty sponges are everything. ( speaking of moisturizers, you might want to know benefits of moisturizer and best moisturizers For All Skin type)

Before I move on though, to clarify the difference between ‘beauty sponges’ and ‘beauty blender’; beauty sponge is the general name while ‘BeautyBlender’ is the name of the beauty sponge from a particular brand. But most people use ‘beautyblender’ interchangeably to refer to any beauty sponge.

Which Is Better: Beauty Blender Or Makeup Brush?
beauty sponges from different brands


Which Is Better: Beauty Blender Or Makeup Brush?
The original beauty blender

Just so we’re clear, beauty blenders are basically makeup sponges. So don’t get confused. Well now, let’s take a look at the differences between makeup sponges and makeup brushes. 

Which Should You Choose Between Beauty Blenders And Makeup Brushes?

To make it easy, I’m going to split this into two categories.

1.  Beauty Sponge Over Brush


Here, we’ll look at all the reasons and ways a beauty blender is preferable to makeup brushes. 

  • Compared to brushes, blenders can be pressed into your skin effectively. By this, you’re left with a more flawless and natural makeup look. Brushes, on the other hand, if you don’t use brushes with quality bristles, can and most likely will leave your face looking streaked. This is as a result of the bristles, hence, you’re left with visible blend lines and a totally unnatural look. 
  • Beauty sponges are multipurpose, you can use the same beauty sponge to apply your foundation, concealer, contour sticks and even highlighters. brushes, on the other hand, come in different shapes and sizes suited for different purposes (although some can do more than one function)
  • Beauty sponges tend to blend foundation and gives an ‘airbrush’ finish
  • Another reason blenders are better than brushes is the fact that blenders transfer the foundation to the skin a lot better than brushes do. Blenders, therefore, allow for better coverage while using less foundation.
  • People with dry skin are most likely to also tell you that they’ll pick blenders over brushes any day. The bristle on brushes can irritate dry skin and leave you with flaky makeup in the end. A blender has a smooth soft surface and that makes it more gentle on the skin. With beauty blenders on dry face, makeup application is flawless and cake face can easily be avoided.


2. Brushes Over Beauty Sponges

Yes, beauty blenders have their absolutely amazing qualities but, sometimes, brushes are better than blenders and here are some of those times.

  •  Brushes are faster in application than beauty blenders.

Typically, if you’re going to use a blender, the best way is to pat gently and quickly. If we’re going to go the normal way, it will take quite a while before the foundation is properly applied all over the face. That’s quite a lot of time. Brushes, hence, are a better option.

  •  Beauty Sponges Soak Up More Product Than Brushes

Earlier, I mentioned that with beauty sponges little product goes a long way. While this is true, it only applies to when you use a quality latex-free beauty sponge, like The Original BeautyBlender and Real Techniques Miracle Sponge.

Non-latex-free sponges would soak up your foundation leading to product wastage and difficulty in building full coverage.  Some would not even do anything as far as blending is concerned. Given this, a brush will do you a lot more good when it comes to the amount of product used. A brush will also do better at helping you build coverage.

  • Brushes Allow More Precise Application Than Beauty Sponges

Furthermore, makeup brushes are a lot more flexible compared to beauty blenders in terms of precise application. There are some contours and high points on the face that only brushes can do justice to. Hence, the precision of brushes in the application of makeup can not be matched by a blender. 

  •  Brushes Work Better For Powder Foundation

People who prefer powder foundation rather than liquid will also most likely will you that brushes are the best. Compared to blenders, makeup brushes are more versatile in situations like this. 

  • It’s easier to find affordable brushes with great bristles than beauty sponges.

Beauty sponges that would blend very well and not absorb your products might be hard to get. sometimes even when you find them, they’d be on the pricier.

If you really love beauty blenders, you make sure you get yourself a very good one. There are great  and very affordable beauty sponges from Morphe, Real Techniques and many other 10 Affordable Beauty Brands That You Shouldn’t Overlook.

In conclusion, I think it’s safe to say that one isn’t truly better than the other unless you’re looking at it from a particular lens.

There are beauty blenders that work just as good as a makeup brush, some even better. There are also brushes that work as good as the best beauty blender or even better.

So, as regards the question ’Which is better?’ It’s truly a matter of preference and you will have to decide that yourself. Which does the job best for your makeup application and works well with the makeup products you have. 


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