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My Top 10 Favourite Beauty Influencers 2019 (Nigerians and Non-Nigerians)

July 11, 2019

Without a doubt, the beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing industry in recent times.  Many brands have keyed into a very effective influencer marketing strategy. Influencers generally have attributes of a large and genuine audience as well as high engagement rates, they also have a great influence on their audience which is the target of these brands.

Beauty influencers are influencers that understand the working of beauty and makeup products and create contents relating to these products. Some of them have a high number of subscribers on YouTube where they review beauty products, do makeup tutorials and provide beauty tips to their audience who trust them and their judgements.

Beauty influencers, without doubt, influence the purchasing decisions of consumers.

Personally, there are so many beauty products I’ve bought from several brands just because it was recommended by one or more influencers.

In this post, I’ll be telling you about my top 10 favourite beauty influencers who you should really follow if you aren’t already following them.

1. Jackie Aina


Jackie Aina

YouTube: Jackie Aina

Talk about representation for black women, Jackie Aina is an icon. She started her youtube channel over 10 years ago and right now has over 3 million subscribers. She has an award from NAACP as YouTuber of the year due to her impact and efforts in helping the inclusion of black people in the beauty community.

2. Dimma Umeh


Dimma Umeh

IG: Dimma Umeh
YouTube: Dimma Umeh

Dimma Umeh is a Nigerian influencer. She is also a lifestyle and beauty blogger with over 280k subscribers on youtube and over 114k followers on Instagram. She has worked with both international and national beauty brands. She posts regularly on her pages and shares information about makeup, skincare and life in general.

3. Faari By Sisi Ope

Faari by Sisi Ope

YouTube: Faari By Sisi Ope

Sisi Ope is a Nigerian makeup artist, YouTuber and beauty influencer. One thing I love about her works is the ‘mad’ skin work. In Nigeria, she is one of the top YouTubers and beauty influencers in Nigeria and regularly posts contents about beauty, lifestyle and faith. She’s very funny also and that’s a plus.

4. James Charles

James Charles

IG: James Charles
YouTube: James Charles

James Charles is another most familiar face in the beauty influencer industry. At 17 years old, he became the first male CoverGirl and has not stopped since then. He started his YouTube channel in 2015, presently he has over 15million subscribers on YouTube and over 15 million followers on IG. He does many creative and colourful looks on himself many other celebrities. He has also collaborated with Morphe and launched his James Charles eyeshadow pallete (which is very bomb).

Often times on his channel, you see appearances of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner. Asides being ‘goals’, for having to achieve so much at such a young age and within a short period of time, he’s one beauty influencer you should be following as you’ll learn a lot from him.

5. Tonia_X


IG: Tonia_X
YT: Tonia_x_

When mentioning top beauty influencers in Nigeria, Tonia_X (is her Instagram handle) should not be left out. The beauty industry in Nigeria is currently making a lot of improvements, many brands producing quality products. Tonia X has become a go-to influencer for products review. She does live demonstrations working with these products and gives her honest review. There has been a lot of people who testified to buying some products just because Tonia_X recommended it.

6. Nikkie Tutorials


IG: @nikkietutorials
YouTube: nikkietutorials

Nikkie de Jager, popularly known by her Instagram and YouTube name, Nikkietutorials, is a 25 years old Dutch makeup artiste. She uploaded her first YouTube video in 2008 at 14 years old, now in 2019, has over 12 million followers and billions of views. She has collaborated with brands like, Too faced, Ofra and Maybelline among others.

She does a lot of creative looks, her precision is amazeballs! No wonder she is loved by her over 12.3 million followers on IG

7. Ronke Raji

Ronke Raji

IG: Ronke Raji
YT: Ronke Raji

Ronke Raji is a Nigerian beauty and lifestyle blogger, she also has a channel on YouTube with over 170k subscribers and 268k followers on Instagram.

She has partnered with many brands and doesn’t withhold information about products she uses for makeup and skincare on her Instagram and YouTube.

She often talks about life, love and relationships as well. She really is worth following!

8. Mmmitchelle


IG: Mmmitchelle

Mmmitchelle is a very talented male makeup artiste with over 1m followers on Instagram and over 55k subscribers on YouTube. He has collaborated with brands like BPerfect and promoted several others. He does a lot of colourful makeup and he’s so good at others to get inspired to recreate many of his looks.

In his words ” I’m so inspired by colour, literally, I’ll just spot something like coloured pens and want to put all the colours into an eye look. Even a colour wheel can give you so much inspiration if you feel a bit inspired – and it’s free as well, you can just Google it. I like the easy, unobvious things that give me inspiration, the things other people miss. Even just a poster on the side of a bus – the colours will speak to me and I’ll want to translate it into a makeup look”

You definitely should be following him.

9. Lhidhia Stanley



IG: LhidhiaStanley
YT: Lhidhia Stanley

First time I saw Lhidia Stanley on IG, I was ‘shook’. I like to call her ‘queen of creative eye looks in Nigeria’.  Shes a makeup artiste and a beauty influencer based in Kaduna, Nigeria. She has successfully gotten on the pr list of international brands like Huda Beauty and Anastacia Beverly Hills.

She has almost 60k followers on Instagram. She only just started her YouTube channel and has been consistent in posting very helpful beauty contents. Need to mention, she pioneered WhatsApp makeup classes in Nigeria and as a matter of fact, I actually joined one of her classes.


10. Mimie Jay

Mimie Jay

Last and not least, my favourite beauty influencer of all time, Mimie_Jay on Instagram. Yes, you got it, me! In case you didn’t know before, I’m a makeup artist and a beauty blogger based in Lagos, Nigeria. My makeup page on Instagram is @ayokasignatures.

Often times on my blog I review makeup products as well as skincare products. I also write about makeup in general and other random day-to-day lifestyle updates.

I also have a pretty interesting YouTube channel where I upload beauty and lifestyle. I recently wrote a makeup ebook +step by step tutorial vides to help newbies and makeup enthusiasts get better at doing makeup and its absolutely free. you can download it here.

I could keep this list going on and on but I have to stop here. Who’s your favourite beauty influencer? Let me know in the comments section.


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