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Tips To Make Your Human Hair Wig Last Longer

July 9, 2019

Your human hair wig cost you a fortune to purchase. Whether you wear it every day because of hair loss or occasionally for fashion and to feel classy, you need to keep it in good condition, maintain and sustain its care and thus make it last longer. Some great tips for making your human wig last longer are presented below:

Washing Your Wig:

You need to wash your wig occasionally as you wash your real hair. This is done in order to keep it healthy and sustain its texture. It is suggested that you wash it once in every 7 to 14 days.

It is advisable to wash your wig gently and use the recommended hair wig shampoo and conditioner. You might also consider a dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is a less aggressive way of caring for your wig, and it does help to maintain its shape and texture.

Here are some of the requirements needed for you to wash your human hair wig: the wig, wig brush, hair shampoo and conditioner, towel, wig stand, and hairdryer.

The following procedure should be followed when washing your hair wig:

  1. Gently brush the wig to remove the tangles. Start brushing from the tips and working to the roots in order to prevent knots formation;
  2. Mix the hair shampoo to cool water, place the wig in the basin and stroke gently in a downward motion. Do not scrub it;
  3. Rinse in cool water. Stroke in a downward motion. Do not scrub, rub or wring it;
  4. Squeeze the excess water out. Do not twist or wring;
  5. Gently shake your wig before putting it on the dryer; and
  6. Use a blow dryer to perfect and style the wig when is 80% dry.
  7. Styling Your Wig: The human wig is heat friendly. However, you should avoid styling it every day for it to last longer in good condition. Your human hair wig is not made to receive oil as does your real hair. Use low heat and sparingly too. Blow dry, avoid the roots while styling.
  8. Storing Your Human Wig: A wig stand is a must to keep your wig in shape and in style. Store it in a dry condition. The human hair wig is not heated friendly.

Remember that your wig is your hard-earned investment. Keep it safe and give it proper maintenance for it to last long.