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How To Detect If Your Wig Is Real Or Fake

July 11, 2019

It could be worrisome to find out that the wig you have spent a fortune to buy is not original after all! One needs to agree to the fact that there are many look-alike human hair wigs in the market that it may not be easy to detect the shaft from the grains. First, you need to know if your human hair is real or fake, then you can learn how to make your wigs last longer.

Be as it may, there are trusted and tested ways to detect the original hair wigs from the fakes.

This brief examines eight ways to detect the original hair wigs from the fake ones.

1. Experts Opinion and Recommendation:

This is perhaps the best way to identify good ones. There are hair wig sites where you can see and read about different hair wigs and read reviews and opinions of experts and users on each one show cased. You can also find the rankings in stars. There is the likelihood to know the good ones from what the people say. If you’re in Nigeria, I’ve helped you gather information on where to buy wigs in Nigeria. Thank me later! *wink*

2. Bleaching Compliant:

Natural hair wig should change colour immediately it is bleached just like your hair. Synthetic ones will not absorb nor change colour when bleached because they are made of nylon.

3. Burn Test:

Synthetic hair wig will shrink, ignite, melt, smell and drip when placed on flames because it is made of nylon. Natural human hair wigs will get burnt.

4. Wig Texture

Individual human hair has its texture that can be felt by running your fingers through a strand up and down. Feel a strand of your hair and compare its composition with the human hair wig of your choice. They should have the same texture. Good ones should feel course when running up but smooth when running down with your fingers. Synthetic ones feel smooth both ways.

5. Colour:

Authentic natural human hair colour changes when exposed to sunlight rays for a period of time. This is normal and real. The synthetic hair wig will not change colour because the colouring is built into its pigment even when exposed to sunlight.

6. Hair Shedding:

Human hair wigs tend to shed lightly like natural hair when it is combed by force. If the shedding is too much, there is a good reason to suspect it is a fake hair wig.

7. Water Test:

Natural human hair wig is wavy and curls when it is wet. Spray some water on your wig and assess its reaction. If it does not, it is a fake one. It does mean that if you want a straight hair/to get off the curls, use hot pressing iron to do it.

8. The Cost

Sometimes, the cost of your hair wig sometimes determines its quality. Usually, natural human hair wigs are costly. When you see a wig that is ridiculously cheap, you might want to think twice before getting it.

The above methods could be combined in other to detect natural hair from a fake one.

Bonus point: So, you’ve gotten your human hair wig and it wasn’t fake. Congrats. You need properly maintain your wigs, wash them when necessary with the required products. wan to know how? Read my post on how to wash your human hair wigs without damaging it. 

I believe this article has been of help to you. Let me know if I’m right and by all means ask questions you would like me to give answers to. I’m at your service.


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