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Talking Of Big Brother Naija 2019 – Here Are My 7 Personal Beliefs You Can’t Afford To Ignore

July 14, 2019

I’m here, getting things done, as the day moves forward in this continuous sequence of checklists, actions, and respites. At random moments of my routine, I’d pause and take a look at my TV, the scenes of the new reality show and the blur of these all-too-familiar housemates.

Big Brother Nigeria 2019 has begun and without doubt, it has kept a lot of people glued to their TV screens including Don Jazzy, lol. Well, I’m part of ‘a lot of people’ so don’t feel judged. In light of this, I can’t help but wonder… If there is more to it all.

Therefore, based on my random thoughts and what I’ve seen so far, I have come up with these 7 ‘personal’ beliefs about BBNAIJA 2019.

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts expressed in this article are extremely personal and may not be true or correlate with your opinion. They are just random thoughts that I choose to believe so I can sleep well at night. 


For The Village People That Are Hearing “BBNaija” For The First Time…

In case you didn’t know, Big Brother Nigeria is a reality show in which a number of contestants live in the same house for a number of days. This year, there are 21 contestants living together in an isolated apartment. Big Brother Naija 2019 was initially set to run for 92 days, however, on the day it aired, the organisers added one more week making it 99 days.

It’s basically a survival of the fittest or luckiest, whichever, and the winner is whoever has the highest votes among the last 4 that make it to the end of the show without being evicted along the line.

The current housemates in BBNaija 2019  include Mike, Seyi, Khafi, Gedoni, Mercy, Tacha, Diane, Ella, Isilomo, Nelson, Omashola, Thelma, Jeff, Avala, Tuoyo, Frodd, Jackye, Ike, Kimoprah, Seyi and Sir Dee. Avala and Isilomo have been evicted, leaving 19 housemates in the game.

Back to the subject matter.

Here Are My 7 Personal Opinions Concerning BBNaija 2019

1. Big Brother Naija Isn’t A Live Show ‘Per Se’

The show is presented to be a live show, that is, showing housemates activities in ‘realtime’.  I choose not to believe that. The organizers must have a time margin to conclude on best scenes and prepare for possible flops that are not suitable for airing. Let’s say ‘5 minutes’. Which is a very smart move. So the scenes you see on TV are probably 5 minutes ago in realtime, but the organizers have used the interval to decide and filter which scene is best to keep the show engaging.

Maybe this explains why there is no ‘clock’ in the big brother house. Also, I was watching the show yesterday and I noticed the audio was some seconds faster than the video.

2. SimplyTacha Will Last More Than 60 Days In BBNaija House

Simply Tacha could be the new ‘CeeC’ among the big brother housemates. She is one of the most popular among the housemates (for now)) and she has great pride in it. She was a social media influencer and she says she has always wanted to be on Big Brother house.

I believe she would last long in the house even if she doesn’t win the show because she has a large number of fans outside the house. Presently, she has the likes of Naira Marly, Bobrisky, Adewale Adeleke (Davido’s brother), Twyse, Wofai Fada, Jaruma and  Moesha Buduong rooting for her. These people have great influence and can help her get far in the house.

She describes herself as being goofy and said she’ll be bringing the ‘drama’ considering her “do no harm but take no mess” watchword. Personally, I’m yet to see that but I guess there’s still time.

3. Big Brother Naija House Is Located In Ikeja

One of the most common questions that have come up since the beginning of the show is ‘where is big brother house located in Nigeria?”

I heard the sound of train ‘horn’ in the background once while they were in the arena. So, I concluded in my head that big brother Naija house is on the mainland. Most likely at Ikeja. Although other people have speculated that it’s on the island, infact, someone who wishes to remain anonymous said he saw them around his area in Lekki (but you know Twitter people can lieeee).

4. The Audition Process For Big Brother Naija Wasn’t On Merit

One question please, or two. Do they mean to say, Mike, verified on Instagram, a CEO and an athlete came all the way from Manchester to Nigeria to audition? And he went through all the hassle and stress with over 5000 people? I think not.

Khafi, a policewoman in the UK, also quit her job and came to Nigeria for big brother Naija audition?. I don’t think so

Kimoprah, in my opinion, was a slot for Derenle as there are pictures on social media that portray her as a friend of his and Khloe’s (a contestant from Big Brother Naija 2018″

Something definitely is not right with their means of entry into the house. And we all know anything in Nigeria can be manipulated with money or influence.

5. Bet9ja Will Benefit More From The Show Compared With Payporte

Bet9ja is a brand that already has a place in the business, I mean, it’s literally Nigeria’s number 1 betting website. They just need a way to place them above their competitors. With. BbNaija, it’s easy to occupy the mind of people so when they think of betting they think of Bet9ja. Smart move if you ask me!.

Payporte, on the other hand, should have invested more in getting the e-commerce business right before going that wild with marketing. What’s worse is, presently I don’t see anyone saying they got this or that from Payporte. They have an almost nonfunctional website and their offline store doesn’t seem to be in tune.

6. There’ll Be More Celebrity Guest Visitors In The House This Time

One of the interesting things the organizers of big brother Naija does is to bring in different celebrities at different times into the house. Usually, they just hang out with the housemates and have interactive sessions.

I believe there’ll be more celebrity guest visitors in the house this time compared to the last season because the location is in Nigeria. It is easier and more cost-effective than when they had to travel all the way to South Africa. Notwithstanding, I don’t think they’ll want to overdo it.

7. Bet9ja Will Place Stakes On The Housemates

You can beg to differ but I believe at some point, bet9ja would make provisions on their website for the audience to bet on activities in the Big Brother Naija house. These activities can include, the head of house for a week, winner of a particular task or tasks, housemates to be evicted and even the overall winner of big brother Naija 2019.

I can remember nairabet did it last year, so it won’t be difficult for Bet9ja, being the sponsor, to pull it.

Where To Watch Big Brother Naija 2019?

In case you’re wondering what channel number shows BBNaija 2019 on DSTV and GoTV, it’s channel 198 and channel 29 respectively.

Mimiejay Signing Out!

While these ‘irrelevant’ thoughts do not expand the nation’s economy or stretch the horizons of what is already what, I bet you cannot totally ignore all my points.

However, as I said earlier, feel free to differ, these are just personal conclusions made to strengthen the health of my mind and make me sleep peacefully at night while having the satisfaction that I already have big brother figured out.

Nevertheless, it’s all fun! Goodnight.

I'm Mimiejay, I blog about what I blog about.💜

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