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Talking Of Big Brother Naija 2019 – Here Are My 7 Personal Beliefs You Can’t Afford To Ignore

I’m here, getting things done, as the day moves forward in this continuous sequence of checklists, actions, and respites. At random moments of my routine, I’d pause and take a look at my TV, the scenes of the new reality show and the blur of these all-too-familiar housemates. Big Brother Nigeria 2019 has begun and […]


Loving Makeup Is Not A Sign Of Insecurity!

Insecure? me? Hell no!. A few weeks back I found myself in a conversation with some people about ladies and their love for makeup. I listened quietly, enjoying the conversation until someone decided to find trouble and said: ” You do a lot of makeup just because you’re insecure”.  All hell was let loose, I […]


Why I Love Being A Makeup Artist

Why I Love Being A Makeup Artiste

So, I’m out here enjoying the cool breeze that blows across my balcony, after the hostile heat pushed me out of my room. I was just about to doze off when an Instagram comment notification brought me back to life. The comment read “do you love being a makeup artist?”.   This stimulated my consciousness and […]


Let’s Talk About False Rape Accusations And The Unanswered Questions

rape accusation

Sitting on my bed this morning, I got thinking about false rape allegations ( actually, the thought was triggered by something I recently saw on twitter). We’re not going to undermine how bad and traumatizing rape is, but then, are some ladies taking it too far? Is there a different definition of what rape is […]


Get To Know Me Tag – Answering 22 Fun Questions About Me

Get to know me tag for bloggers

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog, as you may already know (or not, lol) I’m Mimie Jay, Mimie for short. And in this post, I’ll be answering 20 ‘get to know me’ tag questions. Today’s post is gonna be all about me. yes! me, myself and I. Calm downnnn, I’m not being selfish, I’m […]