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Loving Makeup Is Not A Sign Of Insecurity!

May 26, 2019

Insecure? me? Hell no!. A few weeks back I found myself in a conversation with some people about ladies and their love for makeup. I listened quietly, enjoying the conversation until someone decided to find trouble and said: ” You do a lot of makeup just because you’re insecure”.  All hell was let loose, I could count about a million and one reasons why that was a very wrong statement to make. To the best of my ability, I corrected his notion on behalf of myself and every other person labelled insecure just because they wear makeup or love makeup.

I was about to take a good nap on this cold Sunday evening when I remembered that incident again and I thought ‘why not bring it here’.

I know too well that the world judges a lot, judges the way we act, judges the way we feel about our bodies, judges the way we choose to express ourselves, worst- judges the way we put on makeup. I have grown into loving makeup. I love to beat faces ( got cool cash off some) and love to have my face beat too. I see makeup as an art and I love experimenting with it. I flood my phone with the best makeup hacks, work myself out so as to afford the best makeup products. I mean, it is my passion and I’d do anything to see it bloom.  Day in, day out, my drive to always be the best at what I do became bigger. Yes, makeup means that much to me.

I find it very amusing that a lot of people feel my self-esteem game was lit just because of make-up or that I wore make-up to make an impression or bad enough because I was not confident without it. First off, if there was anyone I was impressing with my makeup, it is my gorgeous self. Two, without makeup, my confidence game is lit.

Whoever started the thing about girls who use makeup being insecure about themselves? I thought this thing was about whom you are on the inside and not necessarily on the outside. I personally think if one doesn’t build confidence from inside, no amount of makeup can do that. So why judge people who put on makeup? The most confident people I’ve ever met never attribute their self-confidence to what stays on their faces. They just wear makeup because they love it and yes because they feel good about makeup. Nothing more, nothing less. I am a great fan of makeup and I always have makeup on, not because I have to but because I love having it on.

In our world, women are always at the centre of criticism no matter what we do. If we choose not to wear makeup, then we’re unprofessional, ugly, or not ladylike. If we choose to go all out, we’re insecure, whorish, or vain. One thing that has helped me all along is that I have never tried to fit into what I hoped society would consider an appropriate amount of makeup. As a lady, I always enjoy being myself. I have a pretty face without makeup sooooo, makeup is just the cherry on the red velvet cake.

It is high time we changed our notion about makeup and how it makes ladies “lie”.  Makeup is not so much of a big deal, please. I enjoy the process of putting it on, so when I have the time, I wear a fair amount. But if I wake up late and don’t have the time to put on makeup, I still feel like a badass in myself. I’m just doing me, you do you too.

Do not let anyone tag you insecure or make you feel less of yourself because you wear makeup. Guess what, even if you use it to cover a flaw or scar you have on your face, it doesn’t mean you are insecure. Just do whatever makes YOU happy.

If you do not may not feel the same way about makeup as I do. It is beautiful too. If you are not a fan of the process, it’s okay too. Our bodies are different and how we choose to express ourselves is completely different. Don’t just judge me because of what I have on, just do what works for you.


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