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Quick Gist – How I Got Scammed By A ‘Waiter’ At Funnybone Untamed Comedy Show 😪😢 😭

It’s Gist Time 💃… Gather around everyone, lol, I have come with another gist! A few weeks back, I wrote about how I almost got scammed by a ‘yahoo’ girl, little did I know that the real scam was waiting for me,  looking at me like… The Great Day 😌… Last Sunday, my boyfriend and I […]


Quick Story – How I Almost Got Scammed By A ‘Yahoo Girl’ 😂 😂

scam customer

Gist time! Guys, I have a sweet gist to share! I need everyone to gather around me now and maintain decorum. If you make any noise, I’ll send you out of my gist class. So, on this fateful Saturday afternoon, a customer sent me a message from Instagram concerning one of the products I sell. […]