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Top 5 Spas In Lagos, Nigeria

Top 5 Spas In Lagos, Nigeria| mimiejay.com

Nothing could ever beat investing in your own skin. I mean, it’s all about the skin for me. Asides using great skincare products, sunscreen and the likes (I have a blog post on this, you should check it out: Benefits of using sunscreen), one thing you should add to your skincare routine is to go […]


How To Choose The Right Wig And Care For Your Wigs

Let’s talk wigs people!!!. Wigs have been around before even Cleopatra’s reign, and different cultures, as well as individuals,  get into the wig club for different reasons.  Regardless of why you decide to have a wig or two in your possession to wear every now and then, you should always go about it the right […]


Why You Should Go To A Makeup School

Dear makeup enthusiast, are you thinking of going professional with your skill? Are you considering going to a makeup school for training? Are you asking yourself if paying to be trained as a makeup artist is really worth it when there are endless videos to learn from on YouTube? This you? Well, this is me, […]


Where To Buy Original Maybelline Products In Lagos, Nigeria

Where to get Maybelline products in Lagos

From the unbeatable quality of their foundations, to the very popular ‘eraser eye concealer’, not to forget the popular waterproof big shot colossal mascara and the ‘Master chrome’ highlighter that every makeup artist seems to have in her kit, Maybelline has set high standards as an international brand and has become a force to reckon […]


Top 10 Makeup Artists In Nigeria

The beauty industry in Nigeria has evolved over the years with more and more people becoming to be makeup artists. While some of them may be good at what they do, some people are reaallyyyy good, I mean Professionals. If you are a budding makeup artist or even a makeup lover, you would definitely have […]


5 Handpicked Beauty Products You Can Buy With Amazon Gift Cards

amazon beauty products

We all love to go on a shopping spree now and then, splurging on some of our favorite beauty items. Occasionally we get good discounts with prices slashed by more than half, allowing us to go on shopping hauls of some of our favorite things. Online shopping is no new phenomenon to us anymore, and […]


Environmental Causes of Acne, The Effects and Control

Environmental Causes of Acne In Nigeria

I bet you never thought the environment could be part of the cause of your acne? Yes, your surroundings and the things around you also have an effect on your skin. This is made worse if you have oily skin or sensitive skin, and you’re prone to outbreaks. Acne is a skin condition usually caused […]


10 Tricks Pro Makeup Artist Won’t Tell You

10 Tricks Pro Makeup Artist Won't Tell You

Hi guys! This one is for every personal makeup artist or makeup enthusiast. Sometimes, the solution to your makeup process is not in getting a new product or spending extra cash. Sometimes, it lies in simple free tricks like these: 10 Makeup Hacks That Work!! 1. How To Clean Eyeshadow Fallouts On Your Face Anytime […]


ROACCUTANE- The One Drug That Cures Acne Permanently

I’m sure everyone has had to deal with the ever-annoying acne at one time or the other. So everyone knows what struggle acne can be. For some, ‘it’s just acne. It would go’. And truly, it ends up getting cleared in a couple of days or with a consistent skincare routine. But for some others, […]


The Best Places To Buy Skincare Products In Nigeria

Getting that glowing flawless skin is all about using the right skincare products. Applying substandard products on your skin could damage your skin and have adverse effects on your health. But what happens when you’re in a country where there isn’t Sephora for you to pick up these products directly from the company’s stand?  There […]