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Top 5 Spas In Lagos, Nigeria

Top 5 Spas In Lagos, Nigeria|

Nothing could ever beat investing in your own skin. I mean, it’s all about the skin for me. Asides using great skincare products, sunscreen and the likes (I have a blog post on this, you should check it out: Benefits of using sunscreen), one thing you should add to your skincare routine is to go […]


Environmental Causes of Acne, The Effects and Control

Environmental Causes of Acne In Nigeria

I bet you never thought the environment could be part of the cause of your acne? Yes, your surroundings and the things around you also have an effect on your skin. This is made worse if you have oily skin or sensitive skin, and you’re prone to outbreaks. Acne is a skin condition usually caused […]


ROACCUTANE- The One Drug That Cures Acne Permanently

I’m sure everyone has had to deal with the ever-annoying acne at one time or the other. So everyone knows what struggle acne can be. For some, ‘it’s just acne. It would go’. And truly, it ends up getting cleared in a couple of days or with a consistent skincare routine. But for some others, […]


The Best Places To Buy Skincare Products In Nigeria

Getting that glowing flawless skin is all about using the right skincare products. Applying substandard products on your skin could damage your skin and have adverse effects on your health. But what happens when you’re in a country where there isn’t Sephora for you to pick up these products directly from the company’s stand?  There […]


The 411 On Sunscreen | Benefits, SPF, Best Sunscreen For Dark Skin

The 411 On Sunscreen |

“What time is it? Summertime!” This has to be one of my best songs from High School Musical. Please tell me you saw that movie. If you did, tell me in the comments, let me know my fellow music people even though I can’t sing to save my life. If you didn’t, then I don’t […]


The 10 Step Korean Skincare Routine

korean skincare routine picture

The Korean skincare routine has become a popular favourite outside Seoul. It is more than just a skincare routine, it is a lifestyle that has taken to the global stage, grounded in the Korean culture, and improved by scientific advancement. This routine goes beyond just having more beauty products, it is about having the right […]


Top 5 Recommended K-Beauty Products

Have you ever wondered what the secret behind the Koreans flawless silky skin is? I’m sure you must have thought “what exactly do they use, or is it just the genetics”? Asians have held the secret to natural beauty for hundreds of years now while making use of nature’s gifts coupled with timeless beauty routines […]


Are Natural Skincare Products always The Best?

Hello guys, I know this topic might have made you give me face at first. It’s fine eh. But know that whatever I say here is all out of my love for you and your skin.  You’d agree with me that there has been a drastic rise in the number of ‘natural’ skin care products […]


Effects Of Blue Light On The Skin

Gadgets, Blue Light And Everything Skin

You would agree with me that an average individual’s (including our parents. Don’t let them deceive you…Lol)  screen hours would have almost tripled, in the last seven weeks. This situation of lockdown/ restricted movement has forced everyone and everything to be online, making us spend more time with our mobile phones, tablets and computers. In […]


5 Skincare Tips To Live By For Oily Skin

skincare tips for oily skin picture

Oily skin, it’s a love-hate relationship when it comes to this skin type, and this can both be a blessing and a curse all at the same time. Oily skin usually has a lot of shine, is greasy and prone to so many breakouts. It’s common for people with oily skin to suffer from pimples, […]