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Let’s Talk About Skinimalism – The Latest Beauty Trend 

June 16, 2021

Beauty trends have definitely has taken a different turn from what it was in previous years. The previous year had lots of women using more skincare products than before since there was enough time to try different things. Now that we are more active, out and about, beauty gurus and enthusiasts are going back to basics.

According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trends Prediction Reports, skinimalism is the new kind of glow-up. Consumers are so used to doing more and having more when it comes to beauty and skincare, which doesn’t necessarily mean it is the right approach. The new year has given rise to a new trend: the skinimalism approach to skincare and beauty.


What Is Skinimalism?

Skinimalism is essentially adopting the less is more approach to makeup and skincare. It means having to own and use less skincare and makeup products, especially all at once. Some of us might be familiar with complex skincare routines that have about 10 steps using let’s say 10-15 products. Such skincare routines can potentially damage your skin barrier and may be the cause of your constant breakouts and acne. Skinimalism involves only having the basic products and following a simple routine that allows your natural skin to breathe and shine through. It is the minimalist approach to makeup and skincare.

According to dermatologists and beauty experts, you don’t need to have so many products before you get healthy-looking skin. The right products with the right formula can do just the job. For instance, one good moisturizer with fantastic formula can replace a day and night cream/moisturizer.  Social media is one of the factors that contributed to the more is more approach, where influencers displayed their well-arranged vanities with different kinds of skincare products, making followers believe they needed more to achieve great-looking skin.

Also, filters and photo editing software have done no justice by concealing the true nature of the skin. It gives the impression that healthy skin has to be spotless, smooth, and basically flawless. Sadly, this isn’t always the case for most people. Dermatologists and skincare experts have revealed that healthy skin isn’t always spotless or constantly smooth and that it is fine to see the occasional discolouration and blemish now and then.

Using too many products at the same time on your skin could leave your skin irritated and inflamed which leads to more breakouts.

The skinimalist approach to beauty and skincare means people are starting to embrace their natural skin more than ever. Now, you can feel confident in not needing to have so much makeup on, or not having to use a ton of skincare products.


Benefits of the Skinimalism

Since we are edging back to the less is more approach, this means we don’t necessarily need to have so many products on our shelves. Some of the benefits of the skinimalist trend are;

1. It saves money

You get to spend less on makeup and skincare products. Since you won’t be needing or using as many products anymore, you only get to spend on the necessary basics. It saves you money now and in the long run, as you don’t get to spend on treating skin issues that arise from using too many products at a time.

2. Simpler routine with great results

Let’s be honest, having that many products can be very overwhelming. You don’t need to have a lot of products on your vanity before you feel like you’re making headway in your skincare journey. Just the right amount of specially formulated products go a long way in giving you the desired results. 

3. Less irritation and inflammation

Using fewer products on your skin allows it to breathe and recover from all the other chemicals and products used before. It also ensures that you are less prone to outbreaks from irritation due to the use of conflicting products. When it comes to skincare, some active ingredients don’t go well together, others do, and some are best used alone.

With a complex 10 step skincare routine, you’re likely to use more than one product with active ingredients and this isn’t advisable. It is advisable that you have one product with a major active ingredient for morning skincare and another one for nighttime skincare

Since you are not an expert formulator, it will be hard to tell which products go very well together and don’t. So, avoiding the use of too many products will save you the stress of wondering if your products are conflicting or no

Finally, trends come and go, but this trend is one we can all jump on for sure. Skinimalism is a dermatologist recommended trend that is here to stay and it allows people to embrace their natural looks. The latest trend is one that saves you money, time, and allows your natural skin to show through. It is a trend we can all wholeheartedly embrace.