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Makeup Tutorial For Ladies Who Wear Glasses

May 19, 2020

Short-sighted, long-sighted? Hello My ‘glasses’ fam! I know how difficult it can get to wear makeup and also have to put on glasses. So I just thought I’d do something different for my ‘glasses nation’.

I am short-sighted and I wear glasses but most of the time, I put on my contact lens. Like me, you might also be a contact lens person but you will agree with me that there are days we just don’t want to wear lenses and then resort to wearing our glasses. Some people are not even comfortable with all the trouble that comes with wearing a lens.

I really don’t have to wear my glasses that often, but sometimes I still do. It all just kind of depends on my mood.

One challenge we face when we put on makeup and then wear glasses (now I’m talking either prescription glasses or fashion glasses). Urgh! These lines appear where your glasses meet with your face (touch your face, I mean) and then you get your foundation rubbing off in those areas. In simpler terms, your makeup gets messed up.

Well, not to worry my people, I’ll be giving you tips (tricks, if I may say) on how to do your makeup if you wear glasses so your face stays ‘line-free’. In other words, bye-bye to those annoying lines.

How To Avoid Ruining Your Makeup With Your Glasses

  • Applying Foundation

You can start your makeup with skin work. After moisturizing your face and applying primer, you can go ahead to apply your foundation. My favourite foundation to use on days I’ll be wearing my foundation is NYX total drop foundation and I mix it with my holy grail Mac Foundation (you guys know I never shut up concerning my Mac foundation. I mean, isn’t it just the best?)

What you should look out for in choosing your foundation

One important thing you should definitely consider in doing your makeup is your foundation. Choose light-weight foundations.

Light-weight foundations feel ‘light’ on the face when you apply them. They don’t cake ugh When you put them on, it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing foundation at all. It feels like your own skin and don’t get caked up easily. It’s very easy for your glasses to make lines on your face if you are wearing a heavy foundation.  For best results, choose a light foundation. I chose NYX and Mac because when I use them, it feels like my own skin.

One thing you should keep in mind when applying your foundation on your face when you’ll be wearing glasses is “less is more” so don’t go and pack foundation on your face o. I will deny you if I see you outside. Jk. But the deal is to use just very little. The less you use, the less the glasses can rub off.

When blending in your foundation, you may want to leave the nose out. This is because we’re trying to use as little foundation as possible because when we eventually put on our glasses, it will rest or lean on the nose and then clean off your foundation. And that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid, right?

After applying your foundation (which I usually do with a makeup brush because I like the finish it gives), the next thing you might want to do is to put on your glasses. I usually do this to figure out the exact place the problem might be.This position might be different depending on the shape or structure of your glasses. For me, it’s very close to my nose and that is why I don’t apply foundation on my nose at all.

When you discover these areas, you do not want to apply too much products in general on the parts. In fact, you want to apply the barest product possible to avoid buildup of products in those areas. So we’re sticking to light coverage, less product application. For me, I barely put any product on my foundation brush when I’m going around my nose. I just make use of leftover products on the brush.

  • Setting Your Face

I wouldn’t recommend baking your face on days you want to wear your glasses. Just apply your setting powder (very little amount) on a sponge, put it on the highlighted part(subtly) and blend it out.

You can then go ahead to apply powder all over the rest of your face, generally to the parts that will not be affected. You can decide to extend this to your brows too.

  • Contouring

Personally, to contour my face on days I want to wear glasses, I usually skip using anything creamy or liquid to contour my nose. You should opt for powder contour instead. 

  • Applying Eyeshadow

Now, applying your eyeshadow depends on your glasses. Your glasses could either make your eyes appear bigger or smaller. If your glasses make your eyes look smaller, then your aim should be to make them look bigger. My glasses make my eyes look really small so to make them bigger, I just create a gradient using a dark color on the outer part of my eyes and a light color for the inner part of my eyes.

One illusion most people have is that it’s not really necessary to apply eyeshadow if you’re wearing glasses because your glasses will not make them visible but if you do it right, you will love the results and your eyes will ‘pop’ underneath your glasses.

You can decide to use an eyeliner after applying eyeshadow. In doing this, you have to be careful. The primary focus is on the outer part of your eyes. If you bring it (the liner) too forward, your eyes will seem really small, thereby ruining the whole point of enlarging your eyes. What I usually do is to start from the middle then I go backward first (outer part) and then forward (inner part).

  • Eyelashes

If you need to wear lashes when you’ll have glasses on, you should stay away from really long lashes because it might get uncomfortable for you when it starts touching the lens of your glasses.

You can curl your lashes before you apply them, so that It won’t be straight and then touch your glasses. This is optional anyways, depending on the type of lashes you’re using.

If you won’t be wearing false lashes, you have to be careful when applying your mascara. You don’t want to use the one that will stain your lens, do you? You should choose a mascara that emphasizes volume over length. 

Lengthy mascaras make your lashes appear long and straight and it can touch your lens. While volumizing mascara makes your lashes acquire more volume and density. It appears fuller and dark but it will not be too long such that it can touch your lens.

You can then go ahead to draw your brows. If you’re not good at drawing brows, you can draw them before applying your eyeshadow.

Finally, for your lips, you can decide to go nude, or decide to make a statement and use red.


If by any means, you’ve done all I’ve pointed out and your glasses still make lines on your face, let me give you this hack.

Get a cotton pad (or cotton wool), cut a tiny piece of it, get an eyelash glue, put the glue on the cotton pad (very little amount), then just stick it to that part of your glasses that stains your foundation. This will serve as a barrier between your glasses and the foundation. But don’t forget to measure the size correctly o (we don’t want the cotton wool showing underneath your glasses).


Phew! Thank you guys for staying till the end of this post. I hope I didn’t bore you. Did you find this blog post helpful? What other tips did I forget to mention? Let me know in the comment section. If you enjoyed this post, do share with a friend!


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