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How To Take Care Of Your Skin In December 

December 20, 2019

Everyone knows we’ve gone full-fledged into the season where the weather is absolutely insane. In December, the weather can be the most annoying thing wherever you are. From the dry wind and scorching sun in Nigeria to the freezing cold from frozen rain and thick snow abroad, there is really no running no matter where you are.

Basically, some of us watch all our skincare progress just fly out the window whenever this season arrives. Those of us who do the barest minimum to aid out skin have our skin worsen. For some of us, however, this weather is the best thing that happened to our skin; no cap. lol. 

Whatever category you fall in, you still need a few tips. Whether it’s on ensuring that this weather doesn’t completely damage your skin or realising you can avoid most of the effects of weather. Even those with perfect skin this season should understand how to maintain it and how to make it such that your skin is glowing in every picture. Truth is, we all need a little advice. A little help never hurt anyone, so, why not?

Here is how to take care of your skin in December.

1. Stay Hydrated

how to take care of your skin in december


Honestly, though, this has to be the most obvious of options especially for those in Nigeria. This harmattan winds did not come to play and neither should you. At this point, it is not a bad idea to carry a bottle of water around that you can refill.

The winds are so bad that you can feel them grazing your nose and lungs when you breathe in. They’re also such that if you don’t lick your lips every other minute, the chap that happens is extraordinary.

Just keep your skin hydrated by taking in a lot of water and moisturising. This goes for people in snowy places too. It is quite the task getting through snow. Refill by having a little water every now and then! 


2. Use Sunscreen

how to take care of your skin in december| mimiejay.com


You’re supposed to have sunscreen on as long as you’re stepping out the door during the day. For those of us facing harmattan, we all know what the sun feels like. How much pain it actually seems to be causing from scorching us, so, although this tip generally applies to everyone, if everyone else won’t listen, you have to.

Your skin basically cries out for help when the sun hits, you can feel it. Listen to it and dab a little sunscreen before heading out. The results, you don’t have to deal with sunburn and others in the list of things caused by ultraviolet rays of the sun. 

In an article i wrote previously on best products to fight acne I gave a list of 7 best sunscreens that are recommended by dermatologists.


3. Have Your Bath

how to take care of your skin in december

With the dust and everything flying around this season, it would be an abomination not to. I know, it’s cold; but if you won’t take a full-on shower, at least wash your face ( Speaking of face, you need to be careful with the way you wash your face or exfoliate during this period, do not overdo it, I have a post you should check out on how to properly exfoliate the face for all skin types)

The way the dust shows up during this season is just a mind-blower and some of that dust definitely ends up on your skin. Do well to wash with mild soap and water. 

For those of us in snow, it is a total task to keep yourself from jumping in and doing things like making snow angels or facing snowball fights. Well, the cold is quite a breeder of a lot of microorganisms. You’re definitely getting some of that all over you when you jump in so make sure to wash it all out. Once again, it is cold, I know. But at least do your face the honour.


4. Spend Shorter Time In The Shower

how to take care of your skin in december

The skin reacts when it is dry. The reaction can manifest as itching and discomfort generally. Most times, the reason this happens is because the body is being stripped of its natural oil. How do you do this? Believe it or not, showering. When the body is exposed to much water for too long, you strip the body of the oils it has. When it c

Now the weather is already mad dry. Don’t add to that. Love your skin and spend less time in the shower. I know the hot steamy shower is such a wonderful contrast to the typical cold but hot water is the main culprit of dryness by water. Help your skin.

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5. Love Your Greens

how to take care of your skin in december

It’s already been said how dryness is the winter way and you need to keep up. A lot of vegetables have high water content so that’s a sure way to stay hydrated. In addition, a lot of veggies contain a lot of the vitamins and other nutrients that make our skin look like even more magic than it already is. Heck! A lot of these beauty products have veggie extracts so why not dig in straight from the source. Eat a lot of vegetables this winter and watch what happens.


Quick tip: a little lipgloss and/or petroleum jelly every now and then will work wonders. Not only will your lips be bright and attractive throughout the day but when this is all over, you’d have the best lips compared to people who didn’t use anything.

Those are just a few things you can do directly and with ease that will help you. Follow those tips and watch your skin thank you. You still have to thank me after though.