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R&R Shea Luxury Products Review – R&R Shea Luxury Liquid Black Soap

May 4, 2019

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored article. Also, this article was not written by me but by a user of R&R Shea Luxury Products. Any personalization in the article refers to the writer.

I’ve always been someone who believes so much in Nigeria. I just never came across a brand that made me fulfilled in homemade products, at least not early enough. It was always my nature to talk brands and companies in Nigeria down, none made me proud as ought. All that is history now.

If you know me well enough, you know I am absolutely in love with natural products, simply put, R&R Luxury range of products. I say this because I have tried virtually all their products and I have never been disappointed.

The R&R Luxury range of skincare products is handled by their top-notch body oil which is a 100% Natural Shea butter and fragranced with pure essential oils from plants extracts. I’m a sucker for Shea butter, truth be told. It works as a relief to dry skin, tones the skin, an anti-aging property, cleans stretch marks and clears scars, revives hair, and so much more. I didn’t even hesitate to get a product like R&R that makes products with a 100% Shea butter.

It was love at first sight when I saw the bottle of oil. Honestly, my issue with brands that produce body oil is the kind of cap they use for their oil. This has always been a seemingly major issue for me owing to the fact that I dread my bag being soiled. Going about with body oil has not been something possible for me just because most brands fail to make caps that dispense oil easily.

R&R body oil just was perfect for me at that moment I held the bottle. It comes in a bottle with a cap that has a hole for dispensing, making it very travel-worthy. My heart melted when I perceived the oil. It has a really peculiar scent of lemons. I totally dote on the scent of lemons, so this was just a go-to for me, right there and then.

It sinks into the skin and feels really soothing when applied. Unlike so many body oils out there, it doesn’t have a sticky feel, it just seems to melt in and feels really natural. The oil moisturizes and hydrates. This product has helped to even out my skin and has given me that healthy glow. I had really dry and scaly palms and feet, but since I’ve been using this oil, they’ve gotten soft, really soft. I’d definitely recommend this oil to anyone who needs a good skincare product.

R&R Shea Luxury Liquid Black Soap

I totally just dote on this one, no jokes. A little scoop of this soap and you see foams. Sweet, just sweet. My skin doesn’t get dry as it used to since I’ve been using this soap. It moisturizes and perks up my skin. Within a week, my stubborn acne cleared out. I had dark spots on my chest. I thought they were just natural with me since nothing seemed to work on them. But with this black soap, what the hell is a dark spot? This is just my first use and I’m definitely not stopping at a bottle.

I wouldn’t be giving a review if these products haven’t been working for me and people around me who are using these products. I’ll always recommend it anywhere because my skin always speaks volume. Even if I don’t want to talk about these products, people will always want the secret to my glowing skin. See? I really can’t help it. I hear the products also work on the hair. I personally haven’t tried it. But if that’s true, then that’s just a big wow!