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10 Tricks Pro Makeup Artist Won’t Tell You

10 Tricks Pro Makeup Artist Won't Tell You

Hi guys! This one is for every personal makeup artist or makeup enthusiast. Sometimes, the solution to your makeup process is not in getting a new product or spending extra cash. Sometimes, it lies in simple free tricks like these: 10 Makeup Hacks That Work!! 1. How To Clean Eyeshadow Fallouts On Your Face Anytime […]


Neutrogena Skinclearing Foundation Review | Drugstore Foundation With Skincare Benefit

Neutrogena Skinclearing Foundation Review

Usually, it’s a bliss when a product you get for one purpose happens to be multipurpose. Take for example a sunscreen you buy that can work as a makeup primer, how cool! Makeup is used by lots of people to cover up skin problem and blemishes, now, imagine a foundation that not only helps to […]


Makeup Tips For Girls That Wear Glasses

makeup tutorial for glasses wearers

Glasses are one of the cutest accessories one could rock, they always give a “nerdy” look to anyone wearing one. But sometimes, it can be a chore and brain-racking to find a way to apply the adequate level of makeup to complement the look. I am shortsighted, I wear prescription glasses with -5.0 lens, yeah, […]


Top 10 Makeup Artists In Lagos

Makeup lover or not, everyone needs a little glam sometimes especially here in Lagos where the party never ends. In situations like this, we need people whose makeup prowess we’re sure of. Because of their amazing work, majority of them have worked with celebrities and have even become favorites. On a side note, I’ve previously […]


How To Fix Cakey Makeup | Why Your Foundation Gets Cakey

Imagine spending hours doing your makeup only to realize you’ve applied your foundation wrongly, used too much foundation or powder or for some other reasons you now look ‘CAKEY’. That ain’t cute and sometimes it’s pretty annoying, as a matter o fact, one of the most googled makeup related question is how to fix this […]


How To Check Expiration Dates Of Makeup Products

Do you ever check for the expiration date on your makeup products? When was the last time you went through your makeup kit and threw some products out? Years ago? Never? haha, don’t be sad. I’m not here to judge. I am guilty, most of us are guilty of this. Makeup lovers tend to hoard […]