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10 Tricks Pro Makeup Artist Won’t Tell You

August 13, 2020

Hi guys! This one is for every personal makeup artist or makeup enthusiast. Sometimes, the solution to your makeup process is not in getting a new product or spending extra cash. Sometimes, it lies in simple free tricks like these:

10 Makeup Hacks That Work!!

1. How To Clean Eyeshadow Fallouts On Your Face

Anytime you do eyeshadow after foundation/skin work has been done, there’s always a tendency of having eyeshadow fall out on the skin with foundation when you are done (although some eyeshadows have minimal top zero fallouts).

For pro makeup artists, this isn’t a big deal but for amateurs, it can cause a big mess up. Well, here’s what you do next time; apply little loose powder on the fallout area, mostly under your eye. Doing this would make the fallout drop on the powder instead of your skin and it’ll be easier for you to dust the eyeshadow and powder with a brush, preferably a loose powder brush, without ruining your foundation. 

2. How To Revive A Dried Mascara 

Perhaps your favourite mascara did not even finish. Maybe it dried up within a very short period less than how long you were supposed to use it for. You don’t have to get a new one. You just have to lay your hands on a saline solution (for example, the solution for your contact lens). Pour a few drops of the solution into your mascara, and watch it come back to life.  

3. Make Your Makeup Last Extra Hours 

This is quite simple, set your primer! Yes, you read that right. I know it’s no news that applying primer before your foundation makes your makeup last long. But you can even make it last longer with this trick. Simply apply a translucent powder (preferably loose) lightly on your face, just after applying the primer, before you go on to apply your foundation. It would give a firmer and long-lasting effect to your makeup.

4. How To Fix Broken Compact Powder

Did your favourite compact face powder accidentally fall and shatter? Did your chest shatter with it? lol.  Painful yeah? But just before you spend money trying to get a new one. Why not try fixing it with alcohol. All you need to do is gather the broken pieces back into the frame. Add a few drops of alcohol, you can use rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer into it. Use a spoon or your finger or any flat item to smoothen lumps out. Wait for it to dry and boom, you have your powder compact back in good shape. 

5. How To Make Your Beauty Sponge Absorb Less Product

Just before you apply foundation or concealer or any product with your sponge or beauty blender, apply little primer on your sponge or beauty blender after you wet it to prevent it from absorbing your products. Don’t forget to keep those beauty sponges clean often!

6. How To Achieve A Matte Lip Without Matte Lipstick

If you are a fan of a matte lip look, but you don’t have or want to use a matte lipstick, then you should try this quick process. When you are done applying your regular glossy lipstick, use one layer of tissue over your lips. Then apply translucent powder with a brush lightly over the tissue. Your matte and long-lasting lip look would be set when you take off the tissue. 

7. How To Keep Your Brows In Place

One of the ways to make brows look as natural as possible and stay in place all day is using a brow gel. Of course, there are makeup brands that have brow gel but just incase, here’s a trick that works just as good. If you have regular hair gel, use a spoolie to apply little over your brows and watch them stay in place all day. In the absence of hair gel, you could spray little hair spray over your spoolie and brush it over your brows. 

8. Ran Out Of Your Favourite Mascara, Try this!

Do you currently have a favourite mascara brush? It has worked for you so perfectly and you are not ready to let it go. This you? I got you. When next you buy another brand of mascara, you could swap your wand and keep using it with the new mascara formula. It’d work perfectly, as most of the mascara’s magic is in the brush. 

9. How To Find Your Perfect Foundation And Concealer Match

Most times, in choosing the perfect foundation, concealer or any other complexion products for our skin colour, we end up making mistakes. Next time, try to swatch the foundation against your inner arms. That is more precise. Also, make sure you do the matching during the day. I share more in-depth information about this in an article on all you need to know about foundations

10. You Don’t Get A Blinding Glow With Your highlighter? Try This!

If you are a glow queen, this is for you. You don’t have to use so much highlighter for you to glow to your satisfaction. Instead, try wetting your brush with either water or a setting spray, before using it to apply the highlighter to your face. It’d increase the glow intensity. Your enemies are gonna be in trouble when they sight your glow.

11. How To Know A Lipstick’s True Colour

When next you want to make a lipstick purchase and you want to know what colour it really looks like on your lips, make sure to rub it against your fingertips and not on your regular skin. This is because your fingertip pad feels more like your lip skin.

I hope you find these tricks useful.

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