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Tips To Follow While Shopping For Makeup

January 20, 2020

Whether you’re at Sephora or even regular drugstores, there’s a number of things you need to keep an eye out for while shopping for makeup. Rather than just picking out a tube because it is pretty or attractive, it’s better to know if what it contains is just as attractive. There’s also looking out for prices, brands and all. You know what? Why don’t we just list them?

1. Know What You’re  Looking For

First and foremost, how would you go get something when you have no idea what you’re supposed to go get? In terms of the best makeup for your skin type, what shade suits your skin best; EVERYTHING! To do this, check out reviews from your favourite beauty influencers, spend time on beauty blogs and YouTube …such as mine (*hint hint*) – until you are sure or at least have an idea of what you want…

It might seem like all you have to do is walk up to the salesperson at the counter for all the info you need but no matter how experienced they are, they’re only human. The more your sources, the better.

A little warning though, Your favourites in the makeup world might be swooning completely over something but in actuality, it might not be the one for you. In terms of shades, skin type, duration as a result of weather, the occasion, and a lot more, you’d have to look more deeply into those things.


2. ‘Testing The Waters’

It’s tempting, I know. When you see an amazing product on sale, you want to buy as much as you currently can. It could also be the fact that finding that product is a once in a lifetime opportunity. All of this can make you want to just buy everything on the aisle. However, before you proceed to buy a thousand of that discounted or one of a kind product, you really should try it out.

Most well known and big places like Sephora have samples you can try but if you find yourself in a situation that doesn’t allow that, start by buying one of the product rather than the 500 that impulse is telling you to get. This way, you can use it for a day or two and if you still so in love with it, go ahead.

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3. Pay Attention

It’s your birthday and looking like magic is definitely the way. Your best friend is finally getting married or even better, it’s your own big day! Magic is an understatement for the look. To achieve this, you get a professional involved especially because they know the dos and don’ts makeup.

 Now, here’s the gist. When a professional put anything on your face, it’s best if you take note. Take note of the product, brand, even the different makeup brushes and how they were used. When the process is over, and you absolutely loved the look, you know what to get when next you stop by at the store. It really is that easy.

4. Does It Look Right?

The weather’s been terrible, it’s just a little worn, the last person to tear it mishandled it and a lot more excuses the people running the store would tell you are nothing but, like I said, excuses.

If you went through all of the tips previously listed, you most likely know what you want to see and if it’s not what you want, you can recognise that too. After all, why would new and unbroken packaged products look worse than products that are already in use?

Also, remember that a lot of makeup products have the first few words of their name as the same but the latter words aren’t. The difference might be the fact that one tube is matte and the other is shine. Most times, brands try to as these differences obvious by making their packaging completely different.

Hence, if you look right, you’ll see that they are different. Look closely at things like packaging, names, physical state and a lot more and you’ll never go wrong. 

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5. Relax

Last, but definitely not least because you’re going to need this to carry out most of all the others. When you’re not in a hurry and not giving in to impulse, it’ll be easier to follow all the other tips and end up loving the outcome of your shopping trip.