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Must-See 10 Dos And Don’ts Of Wedding Makeup

September 4, 2019

Wedding day is without a doubt one of the biggest days in a lady’s life and more than normal we seek perfection in everything. Part of the checklist of things that need to be perfect is makeup for the bride; it has to be able to endure the dancing, sweating and should remain intact in the numerous pictures that would be taken.

If you’re gonna wear makeup at all on this day, then wear it well. I love sharing makeup hacks and tips with you guys and today would be the bridal makeup edition. lol. I came up with this list of dos and don’t for bridal makeup and few beauty tips brides-t0-be should say ‘I DO” to, to avoid a makeup disaster on your wedding day and ensure you look gorgeous as you walk down the aisle.

1. Get The Makeup Artiste That Suits Your Style

There are so many makeup artists with different styles of how they do things. Some are great with natural feathery brows, some have a distinct way they apply their lipstick, etc. Do your research and choose the one whose style is compatible with the kind look you want to have on your wedding day.

2. Do Take Good Care Of Your Skin

Three to six months before your wedding day, make sure you take skincare seriously. Have a working nighttime and daytime skincare routine. You can go for facials a few times in this 3-6 monthS.  Having a flawless and healthy skin boosts confidence as well as improves how great your makeup would look (and how long it’ll last as well). Don’t try any new skincare products a few days to your wedding day because you have no idea how your skin will react to it

3. Do A Bridal Trial

It is really important that you do one or more bridal trials with the makeup artiste you intend to do your wedding makeup. This way, you get to test different looks and decide the one that suits you most.

During your bridal trials, you should wear colour of clothes similar to the actual one you’d wear on the D-DAY; this is just to ensure perfection in choosing the look you’d like to go for.

Another reason you should do a bridal trial is to know the time frame it would take to do the makeup, this way you can know how many minutes or hours you have to dedicate for makeup in your schedule.

4. Do Pick Out Your Makeup Products Based On The Weather 

Your skin type and the weather should be put into consideration which selecting makeup products to use. If you’re doing your makeup in hot weather, ensure you use products that are oil-free and can withstand the heat.

5. Do Consider Waterproof Makeup

Walking down the aisle, groom and bride’s first dance, bride’s dance with her father; these and more are guaranteed reasons to make tears flow like a river however, your makeup doesn’t have to ‘flow’ along; try as much as possible to use waterproof makeup especially your mascara. In addition to making you use of a good primer before your foundation, setting your face after your makeup is done with a setting spray like the urban decay all nighter setting spray is a secret weapon to making your makeup last all day and not budge.

6. Less Is More

For bridal makeup, it is good to go for makeup with a natural, skin-like finish.

  • Choose cream foundation and concealers if you have an option.
  • Don’t go too dark and too colourful with eyeshadow, stick with neutral colour, they help create an overall timeless look
  • Wear natural-looking false lashes not thick and big ones.
  • Avoid the use of excess powder and thick products to avoid cakiness (a disaster waiting to happen).
  • Do not line your lips with a very dark liner
  • Opt for natural color of lipstick to suit your skin tone. Do not go too matte and too glossy.

7. Do Have A Blotting Pad or Touch Up Bag

Oiliness might not be totally avoidable regardless of how little, ensure you have a blotting-pad to get rid of excess oil. You should also have a touchup bag containing powder, beauty sponge, lipstick and buffing brush on standby just in case there is a need for you to adjust few things in your makeup.

8. Don’t Use A Sunscreen

For wedding makeup, you do not necessarily need to use a sunscreen however, if you need to, do not use the one that leaves a white cast on your face. This can leave you looking like a ghost in pictures if you make use of flash photography.

9. Do Rest Well Before The Big Day

This is like the most frequent advice given to brides. Stress has a way of showing on the face, either by sunken eyes, under eye bags, break pouts/pimples and even in the mood. Having enough rest is one of the ways to get rid of these unwanted under-eye bags. Rest very well a day to your wedding especially, you can go on a date to the spa alone or with your best friends. Just stay relaxed and happy.

10. Speak Up

If for some reasons your makeup artist or hairstylist is doing something you are comfortable with, don’t be scared to bring their attention to it. There is no point in keeping quiet and being self-conscious all through the day because of a mistake by your beauticians. This could also be avoided by booking a bridal trial.

Your Wedding Day is one of the most important days you’ll have; You deserve to be absolutely happy with the way you look and this starts from making deliberate choices. Taking these few hints from me into consideration and you’ll look nothing short of beautiful on your wedding day.


Mimie Jay 💜