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Holiday Beauty Gifts For The Special Women In Your Life

November 27, 2020

The holiday season is finally here, and getting the perfect gifts for those special women in your life is essential. The year has been mostly though one, which is why you need to celebrate those dear to your heart. Gift-giving is one of the things that makes the holiday season so unique. A carefully thought out gift is all that is needed to complete the moment. A gift shows that you’re thinking about them and care, from handy gifts to luxurious items.

In a year filled with lots of challenges, a thoughtful gift will put a smile on their faces and warm their hearts. You can complete it with a heartfelt handwritten note too. A tested and trusted advice would be to focus on what they like best, that is, if they are into perfumes, you should get them the latest scents. Here are some holiday beauty gifts that are irresistible even for the most practical person.


1. Spa Treatment 

Every woman loves a spa treatment, and nothing beats a pampering session. Get a spa voucher for the particular person and treat her to an exotic day. Here is a post on the top five spas in Lagos that you can visit for that special pampering.


2. Perfume Set 

Women are big on the scent. You can get the special women in your life a perfume gift set. Perfume oils are the new trend, and a mini set mixed with different fragrances is just what she needs. It is an ideal gift for someone who loves to try out new scents.

3. Facial Skincare Set 

If you’ve noticed someone struggling with skin issues and you would love to help, then a facial skincare treatment set is what you need to get. It shows you are thoughtful and you care about how they look, plus women love facial treatments. It’s also a way to encourage self-care too. You can mix the set with some essentials like anti-aging cream, serum, exfoliant or a chemical peel, hydrating mask, eye cream, face mist, and so on. If you are not a skincare expert, you should visit a beautician to recommend the right products or check out these places to buy skincare products in Nigeria. Don’t forget to throw in some tools too, like an electronic scrub or a face roller.

4. Mini Lip Set 

You can’t go wrong with a mini lip kit set. You can either get a lip care kit, mini lipsticks, lip gloss set or customize yours to contain all the essentials mentioned. If you want to be extravagant, you can go for the Fenty Beauty Mini Gloss Bomb set or the Fresh Sugar Lip Moisturizing Trio. Here are 10 must-have high-end brand lipsticks that will help you choose the perfect combo for your lip set.

5. Bath Set 

A little r&r won’t hurt, you know. You can get a luxurious bath set that includes a bath gel, body wash, a gentle body scrub, a mild hand wash, and velvety body cream. A home spa day sounds excellent now. My recommendation? I’m a sucker for bath and body works and body shop. Check out bathandbodyworks.ng (for Nigerians) on Instagram for very lovely choices. 

6. A Makeup Brush Set 

Every makeup enthusiast loves a quality brush set. There is nothing as fancy as applying your makeup with a luxurious brush set. Get one from a Sephora store near you. If you’re in Nigeria, Nuban beauty brush set and Viccabel brush set are ones I’m presently eyeing and would definitely recommend. 

7. Haircare Kit 

I’m sure you’re tired of seeing that special someone have a bad hair day all too often. A hair care kit is an excellent and thoughtful gift. Put in mind that the nature of the person’s hair will also determine what the kit will entail. However, you can’t go wrong with necessities such as a hair mask, brush, serum, a flat iron (for the weaves), shampoos, conditioner, a spray bottle, and so on. To make the process easier, you can ask the person to create a list of hair care products or essentials they would love to get, and you put it in one box for them. 

8. Nail Salon Voucher 

Getting our nails done for the holiday season is a must, especially for the end of the year hangouts, parties, and all. You can get a full manicure and pedicure voucher for your particular person. Trust me, for ladies who fancy a good nail set, this is a very very awesome and thoughtful thing to do

9. Manicure Kit and Nail Polish Set 

On a few occasions, there might be no time to walk into a salon to get the nails done or for a minimalist who doesn’t really fancy artificial nails; this is where a manicure kit and a nail polish set comes in handy. Now, they can be ready and look glam for those impromptu meetings and outings. The Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar Nail Polish Set is a great choice that provides various varieties.

10. Travel Kit 

Yes, every woman needs a travel kit for those holiday trips to make the journey as comfortable as possible. An ideal kit has the essentials like mini perfumes, hand cream, eye cream, shampoo, conditioner, hair styler products, and much more – all in mini sizes, of course. Oh, don’t forget to pack them in a fancy travel tote bag too. Add a sun hat or a pair of sunnies if you’ll be spending some time on the beach. 

11. Wigs or ‘Bone Straight’ Hair Bundle 

Ha! Did you think hair bundles wouldn’t make this list? Well, it did. Every, and I mean every woman loves a luscious weave or hair bundle unit. The latest trend is the bone straight weave – it is either the bone straight weave or nothing. Well, you can get any good luxurious hair bundle in different styles and cuts for your loved one. Trust me; you will be putting a smile on someone’s face from now till the end of the year.

There you have it! A list of some simple holiday beauty gifts you can get for any of the women around you. If you are shopping on a budget and don’t know some affordable makeup brand for everything makeup related to this list, here are ten affordable beauty brands you shouldn’t overlook. There is something for every woman on this list, no matter how picky they may be for personal shopping. Add a holiday card or a handwritten note to make the gift even more unique. It’s the time to be jolly, so spread some love and happiness this season.