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Easy Makeup Hacks That Would Save You Money

June 22, 2020

Ever wondered if there are many more uses you can put your hundreds of dollars foundation or makeup products to? Or in fact wondered if there’s an alternative to line your lips when you’ve run out of your favourite lip liner or just can’t afford to spend any money on any makeup product at the time?

Personally, if I try to sum up the cost of each makeup item in my personal kit, I’m sure it’d be able to pay my rent lol. Just kidding. I enjoy doing my makeup often and as you might already know, I used to be a makeup artist and along the way, I’ve learnt some tips and hacks that can help you achieve a full glam without having to buy every single makeup item or at least save you when your favourite makeup product isn’t available and I’ll be sharing them with you. Sounds great right?

Let’s begin;

Lifesaving Makeup Hacks Everyone Should Know

1. Use Your Matte Liquid Lipstick As An Eyeshadow Base

Whenever you want to achieve a very bold eyeshadow look or let’s say smokey-eyes (not necessarily black smokey), grab one of your liquid Matte lipsticks that matches the lid colour and apply with a synthetic eyeshadow brush. You can then go ahead to set it with a matching eyeshadow colour.

2. Get Your Highlighter From An Eyeshadow Palette

Every basic eyeshadow palette has one or more shimmery golden shades so instead of going to spend extra money on getting an overly priced highlighter, pick one of those colours in your eyeshadow palette that matches your undertone for that blinding glow that you desire.

3. Use Your Eyeshadow Or Lipstick As Blush

I’m sure you have a peachy or pinkish eyeshadow colour in your eyeshadow palette; why not use it to get those rosy cheeks everyone wants, or better still, you can use your cream lipstick.

That’s right, grab a rosy shade, apply some on the tips of your fingers and apply to your cheeks in patting motions until it’s properly blended. Just make sure you set it lightly with a setting powder.

4. Line Your Lips With A Dark Foundation Or Your Cream Contour Product

Not everyone can afford to buy MAC’s lip liners to achieve a full pout. Sometimes, that brown pencil you have might not be the exact colour you want or may not go well with your skin tone. Grab your cream contour palette and make use of it to get that amazing brown shade to line your lips. I’ve been doing this all the time recently. Try it and let me know what you think.

5. Use Your Mascara As An Eyeliner

You read that right, you can achieve that wing-liner with your mascara. Get a tiny brush, get some of your mascara on the tips and use that to line your eyes. I discovered this when I ran out of eyeliner once, and it worked.

6. Use Your Concealer As A Nude Lipstick

We’ve already established that you can make use of a dark cream contour to line your lips. This is another hack. Try using your concealer that you use to highlight or any shade you like from your concealer palette and use it as a lipstick to achieve nude lips. The concealer you use in highlighting can save you on days when you can’t find that favourite nude lipstick. Trust me it works like magic, just make sure to moisturise your lips to avoid cracking. One of my favourite concealers to use is LA girl pro conceal in shade’FAWN”

BONUS TIP: Having finished applying your makeup and you don’t have a setting spray or finishing spray (not compulsory in my opinion) you can use rosewater if you have one. Just transfer to a fancy spray bottle and spritz some on your face to refresh the makeup; think of it as skincare infused makeup. I’ve tried it before so I know it works.

Ok!!! We have come to the end of this ‘tips and tricks’ session, I know you’re thinking of which of the tips you’ll try next time you sit in front of your mirror lol.

Meanwhile, there are more makeup hacks I wrote in a previous article that you can check out as well.

Till I come again with more beauty tips, see y’all next time😘