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Okay, Why On Earth Is Makeup So Hard ?!

April 28, 2020

You would agree with me that in our contemporary world, an average lady who is a makeup enthusiast would also love to be her own makeup artist. If not for anything, the thought of being able to slay all your events perfectly, without having to pay for a professional makeup artist is enough excitement. This has made such ladies, at one point or the other in their lives, made a decision to learn to do makeup. From signing up for classes to downloading a countless number of tutorial videos.

Unfortunately, these videos end up being deleted after a while ‘because I need space on my device’. And this was most likely after a conclusion of ‘Makeup is not for me jare. I have tried’.

Does this sound familiar? Is this your table? Come here dear, grab a seat, and let me tell you why you think makeup is so difficult.

5 Reasons Why You Think Makeup Is Difficult

  • You Rate Yourself Too Much

Just before you stone me, hold on, let me explain. When watching videos, attending makeup training schools, or signing up for classes on how to apply makeup, most times you almost forget that the person who is training you is a professional. So, you expect your process and your result to be the same or almost the same as your trainer. And when it is not, which is the case most times, you end up being disappointed in yourself and telling yourself the ‘makeup is not for me’ story. 

Dear enthusiast, no dey rate yourself too much. You are a beginner. Embrace your title and embrace the process. A child who is learning how to walk does not walk as fast as his parents. Don’t expect your result to be the same thing as your trainers’ the first time, the second and even the third time. Your outcomes might be an eyesore at first, and that is totally fine. Just don’t stop yet. 

  • You Don’t Practice At All or Enough

If you ever told yourself that you could become a pro makeup artist by just watching videos and tutorials and ‘seeing how they do it’- I am here to tell you that you lied to yourself. The truth is, there is no alternative to continuous practice, and not many people are ready to accept this. 

You have to practise, practise, and do more practice. Watching so many videos or attending classes without practising what you’ve learnt would not be productive. Even if it was a ‘step by step’ or ‘do as I do’ makeup tutorial or class, it still would not matter.

The next time you try to slay an event with just the knowledge of watching how they did it, I promise you, it will end in tears. Is it because you are not good enough? Definitely not. It is just because you have refused to practice. As they say, practice makes perfect. If you have not been practising, start. If you have, do more. More practice makes ‘more perfect’.

  • You Are Waiting to Have All the Makeup Products

A popular song among people trying to learn makeup is the ‘I don’t have all my materials yet’ and the other one, ‘I’m saving to get all my materials. When I do, I’d start learning’.

This playlist is on repeat, I’m sure you are familiar with it too. It’s time to sing new songs dear. Repeat after me, “I would start with what I have’. Even if it is just the materials for your brows that you have, start with them first. learn how to draw your brows and keep practising. Before you perfect your brows game, you would have saved up for your skin work materials. On and on, till you have a ‘complete set’, which is in reality, not possible.

This is because there is always something new to add to your makeup collection. So, in the end, there is really no point waiting for a loop to come to an end. It won’t. So why not just start with what you have and see how far you would go? If you asked me, I think you would go far enough. At least, farther than you would have if you were still waiting.

  • Assumption

All these other points aforementioned are for enthusiasts who have actually sought to know how to apply makeup. This point is for people in a different category. This set of people have just without consciously learning the how of makeup, come to the conclusion that makeup is hard.

They have probably seen their friends struggling with one step or the other and just concluded that ‘It is not for me’.

My advice to you? Stop assuming and actively learn. Sign up for classes, watch makeup tutorials online, read blogs, and get information from experts. You would be surprised at how it is not as hard as you thought it was. 

  • You Want a Quick Fix

Dear enthusiast, being a pro at applying makeup is a process, and it is no short one. It is longer than all videos you’ve watched, and all classes you have attended. It would take a long time, depending on how much of your time you are willing to consistently invest in it.

Why not get rid of the quick-fix mindset and embrace your process?

Don’t forget, the only difference between your instructor and yourself is time. Give yourself time, make those mistakes, allow yourself to grow, be consistent, and watch yourself be the boss you have always wanted to be.