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The Top 5 Dos For Wigs

August 2, 2020

Wigs have been around before even Cleopatra’s reign, and different cultures as well as individuals get into the wig club for different reasons.  Regardless of why you decide to have a wig or two in your possession to wear every now and then, you should always go about it the right way so you can live your wig life.

So, what are the most important Dos when you purchase and wear your wigs? Read below to find out.

1. Do have the right cap for your wigs  

You definitely want your wig to sit neatly on your head and be fixed so that you don’t run the risk of having it slide from its positioning, or worse, fall of!  That is why a wig cap is necessary to help secure your wig neatly on your head while tucking away all you hair so that it isn’t sticking out of your wig.

It also comes in handy for people with sensitive scalps, as it serves as a barrier between your scalp and your wig to avoid reaction from contact.

So do you just get any wig cap? Heck no!  Some caps, such as cotton wig caps, could wreak gradual havoc to your hair’s and hairline’s health through mostly friction between cap and strands, and moisture being sucked out by the material leaving your hair dry and brittle.

The right cap should;

Allow your hair to breath while you wear it, to avoid overheating

Have less to no friction with your hair or scalp.

Be the right size for your head 

Be able to hold your wig in place without it slipping off

Be thin enough to stay as close to your scalp as possible so as to give the wig a natural look

Be comfortable on your head

As you invest in a quality wig, do the same with a wig cap.  The options are many, but make sure you purchase the right one.

2. Do have the right sized wig for your head.

Imagine walking around with basically a migraine because your wig is too tight and it even makes you feel dizzy because it is interrupting blood supply to your head.  Then again, would you like it if you had a wig that can’t even be held in place with a wig cap or clips because it is oversized so it looks like it’s struggling to stay on top of your head?

Both scenarios are anything but ideal.  It is, hence, imperative that you take the time to try on and choose the right sized wig that easily fits your head and is comfortable to function with the entire day without a problem.

3. Do wash and treat your hair while you take breaks from wigs.

Some people are guilty of getting lazy when it comes to caring for their own hair and scalp when they have a wig that can hide the disaster underneath.  Your hair’s and scalp’s health is of more importance than a cute wig.  Neglecting their health can prove rueful for you in the near future.  

Set aside days when you take off the wig and clean your hair to take out all the build-up and sweat you would have accumulated while having the wig on.  This seems obvious but it is surprising how some people don’t take this rule seriously.  

On top of cleaning the hair, you ought to give it and the scalp a good treatment to nourish and replenish them so that your head is in good condition before the wig is put back on.  A good massage also helps with encouraging blood circulation to the scalp and promoting healthy hair growth.

These simple practices will enable your own locks to flourish under the wig and prevent scalp infections yielding from microorganisms thriving on your scalp when it’s not well cleaned.

 4. Do clean and condition your wig

Your head is not the only one that needs cleaning.  A wig needs to be cared for, right from the beginning.  There have been dreadful stories of people who have put on wigs straight off the box without cleaning and disinfecting it, and the consequences were scary.  These wigs are mass-produced and are usually stored in conditions that are sometimes not the best, even if the wigs are of high quality.  Some usually have harmful microorganisms in them that, if not disinfected properly, could be transferred to your hair and the harm that can do is anywhere between mild and catastrophic.

Always better safe than sorry, right?  So once you get the wig, wash it carefully with the right disinfectant and condition it, if it’s human hair, and then let it dry completely before you can start slaying with it.  Keep washing it as regularly as possible to keep from odor and contracting infections.  Condition human hair wigs while you oil synthetic ones to maintain their fresh look and to avoid matting and tangling of the wig.

5. Do choose the right wig for you.

It is always iterated that not everything is for everyone.  It is never a good idea to buy human hair just because it’s trending or it looked good on someone else.  This is very true for a wig.  We all have the right wigs for our look.  Certain designs, lengths, and colors would suit you well, while others would not do you justice.  Understand the shape of your head/face.  Then research on the right wigs that would complement your facial structure.  Let it also be appropriate for your age and skin tone.  It would be unfortunate if you spend money on a wig that would make a mockery out of you.  The purpose of the wig is to beautify you and help you look elegant and presentable as you rock it.

There is no hurry to the process.  Invest the right amount of time and money to find the right wig collections that will always keep you looking and feeling your best.

These five points will make your experience with wigs pleasant and render you a fanatic.  Always educate yourself more on wigs to get the right knowledge that will enable you to do things right.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your wig shopping!

Written By Mauryn Shee, a freelance writer from Kenya.