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Women are forever on the lookout for gorgeous tricks that will make skin flawless and hair shinier. In this section, I post some of the best beauty tips that every woman must know and follow. Whether for a special event or daily use, adding these tips can help save bucks on makeup kits, beauty products, and get the most out of every powder, lotion, and potion owned.

Get the perfect look with Mimie Jay’s beauty tips. Learn how to get a gleaming, shining face with gorgeous simple makeup tips. Check often to find beauty tips for every season, so that you always have a fresh and glowing face. Get tips for beautiful natural makeup and check out the latest trends in makeup looks from a beauty and skincare expert like Mimie Jay.


Top 10 Makeup Artists In Lagos

Makeup lover or not, everyone needs a little glam sometimes especially here in Lagos where the party never ends. In situations like this, we need people whose makeup prowess we’re sure of. Because of their amazing work, majority of them have worked with celebrities and have even become favorites. On a side note, I’ve previously […]


BMPro Makeup – All You Need To Know | Products And Prices

BMPro makeup brand is a leading Nigerian multi-faceted business, having a cosmetics makeup line, a training school, a beauty advisory and an online magazine. The brand seeks to provide professional makeup and cosmetic services to women of color as well as photoshoots and training. It has 65 products in the Nigerian market with distributors all […]


10 Common Makeup Mistakes That Make Us Look Older

If the use of a thing is not known, most times, abuse becomes a regular occurrence. As amazing and beautiful as makeup could be, there are some certain makeup hacks and tips every lady should know that must be mastered, if not, mistakes would be the order of the day. Brings me to the question, […]


Benefits Of Witch Hazel | 10 Ways To Use Witch Hazel

I would be honest, the first time I heard or saw the word ‘witch hazel’ it didn’t sound like a good thing because of “witch” lol. Up until I started taking skincare seriously, and realized it was among the major ingredients inside the toners and even some moisturizers that I picked up back then. This […]


Benefits Of Moisturizer | Best Moisturizers For All Skins

I want to believe that at this stage, a large percentage of people are aware of what a moisturizer is. In fact, when you walk down the isle of skincare section in a store, you’ll find different moisturizer creams in tubes, jars or bottles many of which promise to make you wrinkle-free, provide hydration and […]


10 Facts About Jackie Aina – My Favorite Beauty Influencer

If you are familiar with the beauty industry and you don’t know Jackie Aina, we kinda need to send you packing.😆 Jk, but seriously, Aunty Jackie is literally the biggest international beauty influencer who is a woman of colour. She has become a voice of the black women when it comes to representation in the […]


Human Hair And Synthetic Wig – Which Is Which?

One of the most important things to consider when buying hair is choosing the type of hair to buy, synthetic or a human hair wig. They both have numerous advantages as well as disadvantages. After reading this article, I am optimistic that you’ll experience no difficulty in choosing that wig that suits you perfectly. SYNTHETIC […]


Colorpop No Filter Stix Foundation Review

Hey people, how are you doing today? I haven’t asked that in a while, I know! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve kind of been on a spending spree with makeup recently and my most recent purchase is a box of products from Colourpop cosmetics. I kinda got bored of liquid foundations recently and wanted […]


Must-See 10 Dos And Don’ts Of Wedding Makeup

Wedding day is without a doubt one of the biggest days in a lady’s life and more than normal we seek perfection in everything. Part of the checklist of things that need to be perfect is makeup for the bride; it has to be able to endure the dancing, sweating and should remain intact in […]


5 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Beauty Products

As an absolute beauty junkie, I have a lot of beauty products (skincare and makeup in particular), however, not all of them are my favourite. Some are great, some are average while some are just there. In the spirit of sharing, one beauty lover to another, I’ll be sharing 5 beauty products I’m loving right […]