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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Glitter Makeup

July 2, 2019

Growing up we all have been fascinated by unicorns and glitter! We did realize that unicorns were not real but the great part is that glitter is REAL! Most of the times, we all like to keep our makeup minimal, especially the working ladies but once in a while who doesn’t want to go FULL GLAM? Some of you might shy away from using glitter because let us all accept the fact that it can get a little…we may be A LOT messy! This is why I decided to jot down a few things that you must keep in mind while playing with glitter.

What Are The Different Forms Of Glitter?

Before we dive into the details, we need to understand the basics of glitter. There are mainly two kinds of glitter that are used in the makeup world.

1. Loose Eyeshadow Glitter

This is the glitter that is mainly used by makeup artists to make the eye-looks pop. The runway models usually wear this loose glitter eye-shadow to make their overall look more shiny and attractive.

2. Creamy Glitter

As the name suggests, this form of glitter is creamy in nature. This is also used on the face and body as highlighters.

How to wear Glitter Makeup

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while working with glitter makeup. Firstly, when applying glitter eye-shadows, the most important thing is a *primer*. This is necessary because it prevents your glitter eye-shadow from falling off your eyes on your face. One of the best options available is Too Faced Eye-shadow Insurance primer. If you don’t apply it then you’ll regret it later, trust me.

How To Apply Glitter Eye Makeup Easily 

There are a few tips and tricks that I have gathered for you guys from personal experience that you can utilize while playing with glitter makeup.

1. Do not go overboard with glitter

First and foremost, please do not go overboard with glitter. This is very crucial. If you are working with glitter makeup for the first time, it is likely that you apply too much – this will make you look like a disco ball, which you would not want, right?

2. Always do your eyes first

Secondly, when you have decided to go for a glitter eye makeup look, then you need to do your eyes first. Even after priming your eyelids it is possible that some of the glitter makeup flies here and there, especially on your cheeks. This will ruin all the effort done on your foundation by you.

3. Avoid going too close to the lower lash line

Thirdly, you need to make sure that the glitter that you are using stays well away from your lash-line. This would irritate your eyes very much. Lower-lash line area is already very sensitive and does not any shiny stuff over there.

4. Always buy good quality glitter makeup

Lastly, you should always buy great quality glitter makeup. This means that there must be no compromise on the kind of glitter makeup that goes on your face or your eyes. We don’t want any allergies, right?


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