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What Is Makeup Base – How Do You Apply Makeup Base?

June 22, 2019

Hey everyone! There are many of you out there who must have been questioning about what a makeup base is, why you need it in your life – and whether you even need it or not! This confusion is completely normal, especially when you are new to the world of makeup!

I have also been through the same phase, and I’ve learned a lot of makeup hacks over the past few years since I have been experimenting with makeup! This is exactly why today I have decided to dedicate an entire article to this. To give you an insight more about the meaning of makeup base, read on!

What is a Makeup Base?

A makeup base is quite literally what its name suggests, are products that provide a smooth layer on your skin before applying foundation. Looking at the face from a distance, you may not see the fine lines, textures and pores on the face until you come closer. A makeup base would provide a smooth canvas for your foundation and other things that come on top.

Consider it a smooth canvas – something that is the basic need of an artist before starting off with painting. The smoother the canvas, the better the painting.

Similarly, if your Makeup Base is smooth and perfectly laid out – the end result of the overall look of your face will be flawless. These are also known as Primers, it is a product that can form a layer on the skin for a foundation to stay better. They are available in different forms: liquid, powder and cream.

How To Apply Your Makeup Base

There are a number of ways to apply your makeup base. These include:

  1. Using your fingers and slowly tapping the Makeup Base on your face.
  2. A Beauty Blender or a damp sponge to spread the makeup base on your face.
  3. Using a brush to apply the foundation without getting it on your hands.

There is no “perfect” method to apply a Makeup Base – you are free to choose either of the three methods mentioned above. My personal preference for applying my Makeup base is to use a damp Beauty Blender. It is an ideal sponge for applying liquid foundations, which is my go-to.

What Kind Of Makeup Base Should You Buy?

There are a million options available nowadays in the market when you are looking for a makeup base. This might get you confused as to what you should buy – but thankfully, here I am to guide to the best of my ability!

Before we dive into which Makeup base or primer you should buy, I need to make it clear that it depends largely on what kind of a skin you have. There are three categories: dry, combination or oily.

If you are an oily skin girl, you might want to add a primer to make a liquid foundation last longer. We can have a separate discussion on the types of foundation that could suit you, in another article. As a beginner, a liquid makeup base is the best way to start experimentation. You can apply it by dotting the product on your face, and blending it with a Beauty Blender Sponge! And Voila!

Is Makeup Base The Same As Primer?

These two are basically the same thing and can be used for the same purposes. However, the main difference is that bases so not necessarily prevent creases in make-up especially when it comes to eye shadows. Bases are essentially used to enhance the intensity of colours in make-up and also make them last longer.

That’s that on makeup base. If you have any addition or subtraction, you can always mention. Don’t forget to check out my makeup booklet and subscribe to my youtube channel for more makeup tutorials.

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