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Why You Should Go To A Makeup School

August 24, 2020

Dear makeup enthusiast, are you thinking of going professional with your skill? Are you considering going to a makeup school for training? Are you asking yourself if paying to be trained as a makeup artist is really worth it when there are endless videos to learn from on YouTube? This you? Well, this is me, Mimie Jay jumping to your rescue again. So here we go; Here are

7 Major Benefits That You Stand To Enjoy By Attending A Good Makeup School

1. Professional Training

Makeup schools come with the kind of professionalism that is associated with schools and absent in YouTube channels or the internet. It’s a school, and as expected, lessons are given based on a well-planned curriculum. It also gives room for professional training that each tutor provides. I mean, you get to know tricks makeup artists won’t tell you on a normal day. And each student’s performance would be fairly assessed and graded.

If there is one thing I’m sure of, a fair and precise assessment by a professional is needed for any makeup artist in training to get better. But I’m sure this does not happen on YouTube where after you are done practising a look from a video, you can decide to share it or not, depending on how much you like it. And ‘you’, my dear is not a fair assessment.

2. Networking

Getting trained in a makeup school gives you the opportunity of having personal relationships with so many other professionals in the industry. You would agree with me that your career as a makeup artist is not just dependent on your skill. Knowing people in the industry who can refer you for jobs, after your training has ended, is a good way to kick off. A makeup school gives you a community to start with, that YouTube videos won’t. And if you ask me, community is very important for every creative.

3. Creativity Enhancement

Learning in a makeup school is good for any student’s creativity. This is because apart from the fact that there are professionals to take you through a well-defined syllabus, there are also other students that you can learn from. Seeing professionals and students create art and make things come alive through makeup and also the demand on every student to consistently create art, will enhance and sharpen the creativity of each student.

4. Consistency

Being trained in a makeup school provides a structure for the consistency you need to master your art in time. If there’s any principle that is important to being a makeup artist in 2020 and in fact, live by, it is that the more you do it, the better you become. Learning from the internet makes you the one on responsible for your consistency. If you ask me, that is not so much of a safe place.

5. Team Work

Being amidst other students in a makeup school creates a conducive environment for each student to learn good teamwork. You would be able to learn how to achieve positive result while working with other people. This is not possible where the only student being taught is you. And if there’s a skill a good professional artist is supposed to have, it is the ability to work with other people without stress.

6. Confidence

More often than not, people who are professionally trained in a craft tend to be more confident in doing the art than people who are self-taught. This is because there is always a presumption that going through a school and being certified at the end of the training is proof of mastery. To a good extent, this is true. The confidence this gives might just be what you need to start up your professional makeup journey.

7. Certificate

If you attend a really good makeup school, a certificate at the end of your training would be an icing on the cake. Although I agree that a certificate is not a complete proof of your skill and ability. However, for some prospective clients, a certificate from a trusted school they are familiar with would be the point of attraction.

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So, yes, a makeup school is worth it if you can afford it. I hope you find this relevant.