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BMPro Makeup – All You Need To Know | Products And Prices

October 16, 2019

BMPro makeup brand is a leading Nigerian multi-faceted business, having a cosmetics makeup line, a training school, a beauty advisory and an online magazine. The brand seeks to provide professional makeup and cosmetic services to women of color as well as photoshoots and training. It has 65 products in the Nigerian market with distributors all over Nigeria, the UK, Ghana, and Canada.

About The Owner Of BMPro

Banke Meshida  Lawal is the CEO and head professional makeup artist at the BMPro group. The brand name was coined from her name. Banke Meshida’s biography includes note-worthy achievements.  She has always had a keen interest in cosmetics and beauty beginning from her days at the university where she would offer free makeup services to friends. Having graduated from the University in 2000, she ventured out into the cosmetic industry and birthed her brand with the opening of her first studio in Ikoyi in 2002. Her meaningful contribution to the Nigerian Beauty Industry has won her awards such as Makeup brand of the year-end ELOY Awards 2009, Makeup Artist of the year-end APPOEMN Awards 2017 amongst others.

List Of BMPro Makeup Products And Prices

The BMPro makeup brand has a variety of top quality cosmetic products for eyes, face and lips some of which includes:

1. BMPro Foundation

BMPro foundation ranges from matte to creme formulas; water-based ones and mousse foundations. These provide full coverage and ensures you stay matte and smooth all day long. I’m currently using the BMPro 24hr Skin Full Coverage foundation and i absolutely love it. I’ll be doing a review about it in subsequent posts and on my Youtube Channel.

2. BMPro 18piece brush set.

This high-quality brush is made from squirrel hairs which makes it soft and fluffy and allows for smooth and easy blending of creme and powder products. The choice of packaging with vibrant yellow handles does make it stand out and it retails for 30,ooo naira.

2. BMPro Eyeshadow

The brand sure has the best eyeshadows in the Nigerian market ( from matte, satin to pressed glitter shadows) and I’m ready for someone to challenge me on that. I would rate it’s quality to that of Mac. My favorite has got to be the crease eyeshadow (wha soft brown) which is highly pigmented, has a smooth and satiny finish to it that makes it highly blendable. Second to this is the ‘Gerbera’ satin eyeshadow which is equally beautiful and suits all skin types.

Price of BMPro Eyeshadows: 2,000naira.

3. BMPro Lipsticks

As to all my brides and party rockers be it a lipstick lover or lip stain favorite, Bmpro matte velvet lipstick and longlasting lipstain gives you confidence and kiss-proof on that big day so you can kiss your man as much as you’d love to without fear of total transfer. Party rockers can also eat as much food as they want and no one will know, why? ‘cos your lipstick would be intact. The matte velvet lipstick in peach nectar and longlasting lipstain in Marilyn red are my favorite and retails for 3,000 and 8,000 naira respectively.

4. BMPro Magic Seal

Both the Bmpro magic seal is a must-have for everyone. I’ve used it personally and I have to say I was beyond impressed. The magic seal can be used for so many things;

  • As an eyeshadow primer and undereye primer,
  • Skin primer,
  • Sealant in your foundation i.e helps your foundation stay matte and prevents it from running when you sweat which increases the longevity of your makeup,
  • It helps revitalize your shattered makeup product and serves great as an eyeshadow primer and undereye primer.

The price of  BMPro magic seal is 10,000naira Bmpro foundation ranges from matte to creme formulas and these provides full coverage and ensures you stay matte and smooth all day long.

5.  BMPro Makeup Wipes

BMPro magic make up wipes takes away the hassle from removing makeup while ensuring proper hydration and provides a soothing effect to the skin. I need to mention that the packaging of this product is one of the outstanding feature of this product, it’s different from the kind you get from regular makeup wipes.

The Price of BMPromagic is 5,000naira

The list is endless, but the exciting news is that there’s an ongoing sales on the website on some selected products. Visit BMPro’s official site to choose from the variety of products or contact +2348170003652 for inquiries and more on training.

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Have you used any product from BMPro, would you be trying any out? Let me know in the comments guys.

I will see you in the next post with a new topic from the world of makeup! Until then, take care.