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How To Use A Facial Cleansing Brush | TOUCHBeauty Electric Face Brush Review

August 12, 2019

If you’re interested in skincare, you’ll already be aware of this face cleaning device. Cleansing brushes are very great, they help to cleanse the skin and can also serve the purpose of physical exfoliation (saving you few bucks to spend on other exfoliants).

I recently got the Touch beauty Facial Brush set and incorporated it in my skincare routine and in this post, I’ll be sharing details about my experience with it and also answering questions you might have about facial brushes in general.

About Touch Beauty

TOUCHBeauty is a brand focused on design, research & development, manufacturing, and sales of Beauty & Personal Care Devices.

The packaging Of Touch Beauty Facial Brush Set

The Touch beauty Electric  Facial Brush Set came in a case with transparent cover where you can see the brushes.

At the bottom of the brush is the area where you can put in the batteries. At the neck of the brush is a botton switch for both on (two speed settings) and off. It works in 3 stages; when you press the button once, you have a normal speed, pressing the second time increases the speed and the third time would turn it off


The brush head is uniquely designed, it has two kinds of movements;

  • Pulsation: this kind of movement breaks up dead skin cells, makeup and dirt on the skin.
  • Rotation: this sweeps away the broken down dirts on the skin leaving it clean and soft.

The bristles of the brush is very silky and soft. This set came with two extra replaceable brush head including a silicon brush head suitable for sensitive skin.

At the next of the brush is a switch for both on (two speed settings) and off. It works in 3 stages; when you press the bitten once, you have a normal speed, pressing the second time increases the speed and the third one would turn it off.

How To Use Touch Beauty Electric Facial Brush

This brush can be used with any kind of face wash but i’ll advise to use a gentle face wash so as not to over cleanse your face. Read more about this in my post on the proper way to exfoliate your face.

Now to how to use electric face brush. Personally, I use this brush twice in a week. I apply my facial cleanser all over my face and then use the brush all over my face excluding my eye area. Bear in mind that facial brushes cleanses the face about 10 times more than using the hands so you need to be mindful of how long you use them for.

I moisturise my face afterwards too restore moisture back to my face.

Okay, on to my review!

Pros Of Touch Beauty Electric Facial Brush

  1. It a more convenient way to wash the face
  2. It cleanses the face better
  3. The bristles are soft and feels great on the face
  4. My acne cleared up faster because it cleanses deep into the skin and removes excess oil and dead skin cell. Read more on How I Cleared My Acne In One Month – My Skincare Routine (Video)
  5.  It has a great price point compared with other brands like the clarisonic face brush,

NB: Pros 1-4 can refer to any facial cleansing brush

Cons Of Touch Beauty Electric Facial Brush

  1.  It can cause dryness when used too often and too aggressively.
  2. It can cause inflammation when used on broken skin, severe acne and eczema.

NB: Cons 1-2 can refer to any facial cleansing brush

Face cleansing is a very vital part of skin care routine, when used properly, facial brushes can be a game changer in your skin care.  

If you’re a new to using this tool take note of the following:

Important Things To Bear In mind When Using A Facial Cleansing Brush

  1. When using a face brush for the first time, you can expect to have few breakouts initially. To reduce this, you should start with a face wash that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid. This initial breakout doesn’t happen to every one.
  2. Don’t start by using the facial cleansing brush daily. Ideally, you should start with once in a week the you can gradually increase the frequency of use depending on how much tolerance your skin has.
  3. Be gentle while using the face brush. Do not rub it vigorously on your skin and do not spend too much time on it. Ideally you shouldn’t spend more than one minute so that you don’t over exfoliate your skin.
  4. Avoid using a facial cleansing brush with any other physical exfoliants especially grainy ones.
  5. When treating acne with topical medications, apply them after cleansing with th brush. This would allow the products penetrate more deeply into your skin.
  6. Keep your brush clean at all times to avoid growth of bacteria. Ensure you dry the brush after use.
  7. Do not share your facial cleansing brush. It should be regarded as a personal item otherwise you risk tranfwring bacteria from one face to another.