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Baking In Makeup: How To Bake Your Makeup Right

June 25, 2019

What Is Baking In Makeup?

Baking originated in the Drag community and is a technique used by many celebrity makeup artists. It allows them to prevent makeup from creasing and to create a makeup look that will look flawless for longer. It is a technique that consists of applying loose powder on top of the concealer or foundation and waiting for it to set, then dusting the excess off. I demonstrated exactly how to do this in my makeup tutorial booklet + videos. 

Why Should You Bake?

Baking can seem complicated, but it can be achieved easily in a few simple steps. Once you master this technique your makeup will look charming from morning till evening. Loose powder will prevent your foundation from getting greasy, therefore you will look fresh and matte for longer. This technique is perfect if you are planning on spending some time outside or if you are going to be photographed.

How To Bake?

Products you need for baking are beauty sponge or a tapered brush, loose powder, foundation, and concealer. When choosing a baking powder, look for a finely milled one, that doesn’t cause flashback and is translucent.

After applying your foundation, apply concealer to the spots where you have bags, darker skin, or to the parts you want to accentuate. You can read on how to cover dark circles and under eye bags. Remember, you want to put concealer, and later baking powder, to the parts of your face which you want to bring forward or highlight and bronzer or contour to the parts you want to make less visible.

After you have blended your concealer, you should use damp beauty sponge or alternatively a soft tapered brush to apply baking powder you are going to bake with. You want to apply loose powder with a tapping motion. Pick the powder up and start applying it from under the inner corner of your eyes outward. Don’t press too hard. The skin under your eyes is very sensitive and you don’t want to give yourself any wrinkles. Essentially, you want to apply the powder to the areas where you previously applied concealer.

Don’t be afraid to pick up a substantial amount of powder, because that is what you’re going for with this technique. You can also “bake” down the bridge of your nose. This will make your nose seem longer. After applying your loose powder to the areas you want to bake, you should leave it for about five to ten minutes, for it to set and do its magic.

After some time has passed, grab a fluffy makeup brush and use it to dust off powder off your face. You can pick up some of your normal powder with the brush before dusting off the setting powder, this will help everything to blend out and look smooth. If your skin ends up looking too powdery and matte, don’t worry, as your skin will continue to warm up the powder and the foundation and it will look nicer as the time goes by. To pull the look together apply some setting spray, this will give back some moisture to your skin and make your face look well-balanced.

Tadaaa! You’ve successfully baked your face.

Try this and let me know how it works for you. Here are some helpful makeup hacks you probably don’t know about. 

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